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Colony 6 Shop 6
Colony 6 Shop 6
Colony 6 Shop 6
Type Shop
Located Colony 6
Music Colony 6 - Silence, Rebuilding, Hope, Future

The Colony 6 Shop 6 is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It appears after Commerce has been reconstructed to level 5, Housing to level 4, and Jer'ell has been invited to Colony 6.

The shop is found near the main entrance of Colony 6, south of the main road, and is open from 18:00 to 6:00. It is manned by a male High Entia merchant. It sells the complete Mithril, Amethyst, and Heavy armour sets, and has a decent selection of slotted and unique weapons.

Shop Colony 6 numbered

Locations of numbered shops in Colony 6.


Item Slot Price
Disaster Cannon Yes (1) 21,120 G
Mountain Spear Yes (2) 21,420 G
Jailer Staff Unique 21,600 G
Autumn Staff Yes (2) 24,500 G
Longevity Biter Unique 24,600 G
Flash Shield Elfidar Unique 27,000 G
Endymion Unique 27,600 G
Rock Winder Unique 42,700 G


Item Slot Price
Mithril Gear No 8,800 G
League Gear No 10,000 G
Brave Cap Yes 12,000 G
Amethyst Gear No 12,000 G
Heavy Gear No 17,500 G


Item Slot Price
Mithril Armour No 17,500 G
Amethyst Armour No 24,000 G
Stellar Armour No 25,700 G
Heavy Armour No 34,800 G


Item Slot Price
Mithril Gauntlets No 7,000 G
League Gauntlets No 8,950 G
Brave Gloves Yes 9,240 G
Amethyst Gauntlets No 9,600 G
Heavy Gauntlets No 14,000 G


Item Slot Price
Mithril Leggings No 14,000 G
Amethyst Leggings No 19,200 G
Stellar Leggings No 21,000 G
Heavy Leggings No 27,800 G


Item Slot Price
Mithril Boots No 9,700 G
League Boots No 13,500 G
Brave Shoes Yes 13,920 G
Amethyst Boots No 14,400 G
Heavy Boots No 21,000 G

Arts Manuals

Item Price
Spear Break 9,000 G
Final Flicker 14,800 G
Summon Ice 15,100 G
Say Sorry 15,400 G
Peekaboo 15,600 G
Power Effect 16,000 G
Drive Boost 16,800 G
Demon Slayer 17,300 G

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