Colony 6 Shop 7
Colony 6 Shop 7
Colony 6 Shop 7
Type Shop
Located Colony 6
Music Colony 6 - Silence, Rebuilding, Hope, Future

The Colony 6 Shop 7 is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is found in in the Commerce Level 5 district of Colony 6, available from 6:00 to 18:00. It is manned by a male Machina merchant.

Shop Colony 6 numbered

Locations of numbered shops in Colony 6.


Item Slot Price
Wisdom Rod Yes (1) 23,640 G
Rex Biter Yes (2) 24,780 G
Snaer Striker Yes (1) 25,200 G
Clarity Staff Yes (2) 26,460 G
Delta Rifle Yes (2) 26,460 G
Hurricane Shot Yes (1) 26,760 G
Cloud Cutlass Yes (2) 27,300 G
Knuckle Driver Yes (2) 28,000 G
Karma Blades Yes (1) 33,600 G


Item Slot Price
Brave Cap Yes 12,000 G
H Ether Goggles Yes 18,480 G
Gemini Gear No 19,500 G
Retrieved Gear No 22,500 G
H Speed Goggles Yes 23,640 G
H Attack Goggles Yes 34,680 G


Item Slot Price
Stellar Armour No 25,700 G
H Ether Frame Yes 33,240 G
Gemini Armour No 38,000 G
H Speed Frame Yes 38,400 G
Retrieved Armour No 42,800 G
H Attack Frame Yes 49,440 G


Item Slot Price
Brave Gloves Yes 9,240 G
H Ether Arms Yes 11,040 G
Gemini Gauntlets No 15,000 G
H Speed Arms Yes 16,200 G
Retrieved Gauntlets No 18,200 G
H Attack Arms Yes 27,360 G


Item Slot Price
Stellar Leggings No 21,000 G
H Ether Boosters Yes 25,800 G
H Speed Boosters Yes 30,960 G
Gemini Leggings No 31,200 G
Retrieved Leggings No 37,300 G
H Attack Boosters Yes 42,120 G


Item Slot Price
Brave Shoes Yes 13,920 G
Gemini Boots No 23,500 G
Retrieved Boots No 27,700 G
Sakura Drones No 28,300 G
Sabre Drones No 28,300 G
Astarte Drones No 28,900 G

Arts Manuals

Item Price
Double Blade 14,000 G
Spear Blade 14,400 G
Ether Drain 14,700 G
Zero Gravity 15,100 G
Healing Energy 15,300 G
Cross Impact 15,600 G
Second Gear 17,000 G
Mag Storm 18,200 G
Lock On 18,400 G

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