The Colony 6 Shop 8 is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is found in Colony 6 after reconstruction of Commerce and Housing both reach level 5, and is located near Shilx's shop south of the watchtower.

This is the most secret shop in the game as it is only open from 03:00 to 06:00. During the day two residents will give the party clues about the shop: one is a female Homs talking to a High Entia by the wooden building near Reconstruction HQ, and the other is a male High Entia in front of Shilx's shop.

Some rare items are for sale here, such as Fiora's Final Cross intermediate book and the Ledios Armour.

Shop Colony 6 numbered

Locations of numbered shops in Colony 6.



Item Slots Price
Giant Guarder 1 47,280 G
Comet Rod 2 47,600 G
Guarded Gnasher 2 51,110 G
Ignis Rifle 2 52,500 G
Falcon Blades 2 53,200 G
Alpine Striker 2 53,200 G


Item Slots Price
Lancelot Gear 0 33,000 G
Z Attack Goggles 1 34,560 G
Rex Helm 0 35,200 G
Z Speed Goggles 1 44,280 G
Z Power Goggles 1 56,160 G
Ledios Helm 0 92,500 G


Item Slots Price
Z Attack Frame 1 56,160 G
Lancelot Armour 0 58,880 G
Z Speed Frame 1 65,880 G
Rex Chest 0 70,000 G
Z Power Frame 1 73,440 G


Item Slots Price
Z Attack Arms 1 23,760 G
Lancelot Gauntlets 0 26,000 G
Rex Arms 0 28,300 G
Z Speed Arms 1 33,480 G
Z Power Arms 1 45,360 G
Ledios Arms 0 77,000 G


Item Slots Price
Z Attack Boosters 1 45,360 G
Lancelot Leggings 0 47,000 G
Z Speed Boosters 1 55,080 G
Rex Cuisses 0 56,400 G
Z Power Boosters 1 66,960 G


Item Slots Price
Lancelot Boots 0 39,990 G
Rex Greaves 0 42,000 G
Segment Drones 0 45,000 G
Loki Drones 0 54,990 G
Ledios Greaves 0 115,000 G

Arts Manuals

Item Who Price
Final Cross Fiora 24,000 G

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