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For the art in Xenoblade Chronicles X, see Cool Off (X).

Sharla Battle Tactics 2

Sharla during Cool Off

Sharla CoolOff

Cool Off is Sharla's Talent Art in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be activated at any time, but it is automatically activated when Sharla's Talent Gauge is full. When Cool Off is active, Sharla cannot move, attack, or use arts, but she does regenerate 3% of her maximum HP every second until the talent gauge is completely empty.


Talent Arts Level Learned Attribute Range Aggro Parameter Effect
Cool-Off 1 Ether Self - Regenerate (3% of max HP per second)
Talent Gauge ▼
Cannot move, auto-attack, or use arts
Overdrive ※ 1 Ether Self - Cool-Off

※ This will activate when talent gauge reaches 100%.

Cool-Off Period

The Cool-Off period highly depends on Sharla's talent gauge amount. If the talent gauge overshoots at 100%, the cool-off period will take significantly longer.

  • Talent gauge at 100%: talent gauge drops at a rate of 15% per second
  • Talent gauge at less than 100%: talent gauge drops at a rate of 35% per second

The numbers may vary due to Sharla's bonuses from her skill branches that allow her cool-off time to be greatly reduced.

Talent Gauge Effects

Sharla's talent gauge amount has an effect on her healing and offensive arts. Generally, the higher the talent gauge amount, the higher the damage from Sharla's arts. However, at the same time, the amount of healing by her healing arts will be reduced. The following shows the effect of damage and healing with respect to the talent gauge amount:

Talent Gauge Amount (%) Damage Amount (%) Healing Amount (%)
0 100 125
10 106 120
20 111 115
30 117 110
40 122 105
50 128 100
60 133 95
70 139 90
80 144 85
90 150 80
100 156 85

Miscellaneous Info

  • Cool-Off is technically an aura. Any of Sharla's auras that is currently active will be cancelled by Cool-Off.
  • Sharla cannot participate in Chain Attacks during Cool-Off.

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