Coronids (Japanese: レグリー, Regurī) are huge quadrupedal creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. There are only four known types, two minor enemies and two Tyrants, and they are all found in Sylvalum, commonly at Lake Ciel. They are similar to Millesaurs.


"The pores of these massive creatures absorb ether as a main energy source while capillary action sponges up water through their feet. The crown, which resembles a head, is in fact a defensive adaptation that hides its vital crystalline organs. The presence of such a decoy suggests they once had a powerful natural enemy, though no such foe is known to exist today.

Coronids are egg layers. Said eggs are incubated and hatched internally before joining the world via the process of live birth."

Types of Coronids

Minor Enemies



Coronids are immense, elephant-like creatures with tough black skin. Their heads seem to have a long pointed beard-like projection and an insect-like projection with two antennae poking from the sides. However, this head is a decoy; destroying the head reveals a large yellow crystal underneath. A huge wing-shaped projection juts out from its back; the rounded tips are colored blue.

Normally, coronids are docile creatures. When a crimson aurora sets in, however, the normally gentle giants become hostile and their blue markings turn red. Extreme caution should be taken when travelling through Lake Ciel during a crimson aurora.


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