Cruz Paguls are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are members of the Pagul family, and can be found at level 33, day or night, at Latael Shore, on the island below Hovering Reef 5, on the Secluded Island and at Anu Shore, all at Eryth Sea. They have a tendency to dig at the ground, likely in search of small insects to devour. Five of them need to be defeated to complete Alcamoth's Monster Quest 1 - Part 1. They can drop the Pagul Hot Pots needed for Losing the Taste for Alcohol.



Art Attribute Multiplier Hits Range Effect Knockback Blowdown/Daze
Ether Smash IITalent (Ether)1.55 – 1.751Circle around casterTopple--
Hard BashPhysical3.3 – 3.51----
Ether CannonEther1.3 – 1.51-Agility Down--


Break 70% Lock-On 0% Physical Def. ▼ 0% Agility ▼ 0%
Topple 0% Bind 0% Ether Def. ▼ 0% Aura Seal 0%
Daze 0% Paralysis 0% Strength ▼ 0% Arts Seal 70%
Sleep 0% Slow 0% Ether ▼ 70% Death 0%



Wood 80.4%
Silver 17.6%
Gold 2%


Rotten Meat 79.9%
Pagul Hot Pot 20.1%


Pagul Crystals
Ether Up III / Phys Def Down III 27.8%
Ether Up III / Electric Plus III 27.8%
Etoile Sniper 0 slots 7.8%
Dark Cannon 1 slot 4.7%
Dawn Staff 0 slots 4.1%
Eryth Gauntlets 1 slot 11.5%
Rescue Cap 1 slot 8.5%
Eryth Leggings 1 slot 7.7%


Crushing Guarder 2 slots 12.1%
Crushing Guarder 3 slots 8.1%
Illunis Defender 3 slots 4.7%
Unique Weapons
Horizon 7.5%
Dynastrar 7.1%
King Frog 6.2%
Khatorl Staff 4.2%
Unique Armours
Heavy Cuisses 14.9%
Lattice Leggings 14.2%
Serpent Armour 12.5%
Serpent Leggings 8.4%


Cruz Pagul

Cruz Pagul

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