Dakuku (Japanese: ダルク, Daruku) is a Nopon in Xenoblade Chronicles. He is a Nopon Researcher, and can be found in the Nopon Camp on Valak Mountain. He is worried about the state of the mountain's ecosystem; namely that Antols are becoming a threat. 



Item Affinity Value
Chill Defence III 1
Refined Horn ☆1
Snow Glasses (0 slots) ☆2
Mud Squirrel ☆3
Lock-On Resist IV ☆3
Snow Cream (0 slots) ☆3
Snow Trunks (1 slot) ☆4
Frost Glass ☆5
Antol Fire Pouch ☆5
Snow Sandals (1 slot) ☆5
Hox Flint Overtrade +3,370 G



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