After this quest is completed, Liliana may offer another quest. See Liliana's Sincere Request.

Dean's Shady Request is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be received from Dean in the southern alley of the Weapon Development Lab in the Military District of Colony 9. If Sharla is in the active party, she will comment.



"With the children no longer squabbling, Sonia was able to make dinner for Dean."


  • Upon completion of the third objective, the Affinity Chart will change:
RoccoAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barLiliana
Rocco Close Siblings Liliana
  • Upon completion of this quest, the Affinity Chart will change:
DeanAffinity-bar Affinity bar blue Affinity-barSonia initially Affinity-2-yellow
Dean Mutual Respect Sonia
SoniaAffinity-bar Affinity bar red Affinity-barLiliana initially Affinity-2-yellow
Sonia Warring Family Liliana

Unique Comments

Sharla: "This might sound rude but... Isn't it a bit sad getting us to ask her?"
Dean: "Oh, how odd. You remind me of Sonia. Have we met before?"
Sharla: "Not interested, mister! Get back to why we're here!"
Dean: " You're mistaken. I never meant it like that. Er... Ahem... Back to the topic at hand. Will you help me?"