Colony 6 Area Affinity
"There's a problem at an ether planter. Eliminate the formidable enemy to help the residents feel at ease."
Giver Unique Comments Location Time
Colony 6 Residents None Colony 6 Automatic
Prerequisites: Mechonis Core cleared, Defend Colony 6 - Ancient completed, reconstruction at 95%
  1. "Defeat Demon King Dragonia in the area of the Ether Planter at Hope Farm."
  • +100 Reputation
  • 20,000 G
  • 30,000 EXP
Results: "You eliminated the thread of the formidable enemy that had appeared by the ether planter."
Ether Planter Map

Ether Planter locations

Defend Colony 6 - Demon is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is the last quest given by the residents of Colony 6 to defend the colony. It is received automatically after Mechonis Core has been cleared and the reconstruction has reached 95%.

The party must defeat Demon King Dragonia, a level 99 Dragon at Hope Farm. He is one of the two enemies that drops Demonic Everflames—the other being the Superboss Avalanche Abaasy—needed for Replica Monado 4, as well as the only enemy to hold all three pieces of slotted Ledios armour and the only enemy in the game to have slotted Ledios Arms. Because of the good loot that it has, players can leave Demon King Dragonia alive just to use Riki's Yoink! on it until they are satisfied before killing the quest target. Killing the target would finish the quest but also remove any further chance of encountering Demon King Dragonia in the same playthrough.

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