Colony 6 Area Affinity
"There's a problem at an ether planter. Eliminate the terrifying enemy to help the residents feel at ease."
Giver Unique Comments Location Time
Colony 6 Residents None Colony 6 (Main Entrance) Automatic
Prerequisites: Miqol met in the Hidden Machina Village, Defend Colony 6 - Reptile completed, reconstruction at 55%
  1. "Defeat the M71 Fire Support near the Ether Planter at the Freight Elevator."
  • +100 Reputation
  • 12,000 G
  • 8,000 EXP
Results: "You eliminated the threat of the terrifying enemy that had appeared by the ether planter."
Ether Planter Map

Ether Planter locations

Defend Colony 6 - Elite is a quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is received automatically after the party reaches Fallen Arm and the reconstruction reaches 55%.

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