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Three Definian sisters during Definian Downfall

The Definians (デフィニア, Definia) are a race of beings in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are an alien race; a tribe of women with high stealth skills and experts in infiltration by disguise, due to their ability to manipulate others' perception. They often use Ganglion weapons and equipment, and are responsible for many of the minor antagonisms of New Los Angeles.


"A unique race composed only of females. Definians possess the ability to manipulate other organisms' visual perception, and can make themselves apear to be anyone that they wish. This disguise, however, will only remain in place so long as there is no physical contact between parties.

While the Definians' talents make them perfect spies for the Ganglion, they do have a well-earned reputation as fearsome Skell pilots."



Fortun with HT665: Erio

Fortun is the queen of the Definian race and is known to wield ancient galactic knowledge. She addresses the other Definians as her daughters. Her affinity chart profile identifies her race as "Fortun".

Her appearance is of a floating orb surrounded by holograms.

List of Definian NPCs

List of Definian Enemies

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



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