Demetrio, the Tempestuous (Japanese: 烈風のデメトリオ, Reppū no Demetorio) is a Tyrant in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is a member of the Simius family. It can be found at level 28 at Ensconced Citadel in Noctilum.



Art Attribute Category Hits Range Effect Appendage Homing
Punch Physical Melee 1 Single - - -
Tail Swing Physical Melee 1 Circle around caster - Tail -
Roar Physical Ranged 1 Circle around caster Physical Res Down - -
Gatling Punch Electric Melee 4 Single - - -
Rock Toss Physical Ranged 1 Single Topple (air) - Yes
Megaton Punch Thermal Melee 1 Single Stagger - -
Guard - Status - Self Defending - -


Part Item Type Rarity
 ? Simius Snack Stash Material Common
Tail Supple Tail Material Common
Head Green Simius Mane Material Common
Fist Muscled Simius Bulge Material Common
Body Hard Backbone Material Common
Body Stiff Hair Material Common
Body Simius B Holofigure Intergalactic

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