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Reyn WildDown

Demon Slayer is one of Dunban's physical arts in Xenoblade Chronicles. It has a high base attack, and when it is used as a finishing blow, any active enemies, which are not immune to topple, are forced into a Toppled state. A successful Demon Slayer will have a red gas resembling a face rise from the defeated enemy. Otherwise, it is only a red splash of gas. In all other cases, it will not inflict Topple to enemies suffering from Break.


Level Learnt Attribute Range Distance # of hits Effect
56 Physical Single 6 M 1 Topple ※1
Party Gauge ▲ (+20%) ※2

※1 All the active enemies in the battlefield will be toppled (if not immune) when the finishing blow is applied to the target
※2 Finishing blow on the enemy only

Arts Level AP Cost Multiplier Hit Rate Cooldown
Effect Duration
1 - 3.00 5 120.0 3.0
2 540 3.17 10 116.4
3 1080 3.34 15 112.8
4 2160 3.51 20 109.2
5 4320 3.68 25 105.6
6 6480 3.85 25 102.0
7 9720 4.02 25 98.4
8 14,040 4.19 25 94.8
9 19,440 4.36 25 91.2
10 25,920 4.86 25 87.6

Miscellaneous Info

  • Damage is calculated based on the weapon's power + Dunban's strength.

Art book sources


Intermediate art books are only available from shops.
The Demon Slayer intermediate art books cost 17,300 G.


Advanced art books are only available from enemy drops.
For enemies with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!
Enemies marked QE are Quest-Exclusive and do not respawn.

Unique Monsters

Enemy Area Rate
Despotic ArseneSatorl Marsh4.3 %
Dark King BarbarusBionis' Interior2.6 %

Other enemies

Enemy Area Rate
Grove QuadwingSatorl Marsh2.3 %
Asara TelethiaEryth Sea2.1 %
Telethia Kaelin (QE)Alcamoth0.0 %

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