Dionysis (Japanese: ディオニージス, Dionījisu) is a Homs in Xenoblade Chronicles. He can be found in the east section of the Residential District of Colony 9, south from Tranquil Square.



Item Affinity Value
Rainbow Zirconia 1
Vang Tooth ☆2
Protector Amulet (1 slot) ☆2
Attack Stability II ☆4
Mollusc Mucus ☆4
Attack Stability III ☆5
Tokilos Wing Overtrade +300 G



Later in the game, a special talk event from Dionysis involving Jan will appear, where he will ask what the party thinks about Jan and Minnie's relationship. The Old Soldier's Test can be unlocked and the Affinity Chart will change between Dionysis and Jan after the event has been completed.

  • If "Love keeps the ticker going" is chosen:
DionysisAffinity-bar Affinity bar green Affinity-barJan
Dionysis Understanding Jan
  • "He is too old for her" is chosen; The Old Soldier's Test becomes available:
DionysisAffinity-bar Affinity bar red Affinity-barJan
Dionysis Derision Jan


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