For the Normal Mission, see Dodonga Caravan (Normal Mission).
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Dodonga Caravan (English dub: /dəˈdɔːŋ.ɡə/) is an area in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is located in Noctilum, at the southern entrance to the Whale's Nostril. It is a Nopon caravan that was originally established by the Nopon leader Dodonga.


Like the other caravans, it wanders in search of the Nopon's legendary holy land. Tatsu was born here, and his mother, Koko, is the caravan's leader. After accepting Tatsu's first Affinity Mission, The Ties That Bind, the caravan arrives in Noctilum. It is located inside Whale's Nostril by the southern entrance. The closest landmark is FN Site 222. Dodonga Caravan normally moves every few days, but it remains in one location over the course of the game.