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The Dozer Skell

Dozer is a Skell model in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is also known as Yumbo in the Japanese version. It is a level 30 Heavy Type Skell. Dozer is one of the Skells of the BLADE in New Los Angeles. It was part of Bozé's DLC in the Japanese version. The blueprints are unlocked as a reward for completing Bozé's final affinity mission Bozé's Ignorance.

Required Materials

It costs 144 Reward Tickets to purchase these materials. The Bozé's Ignorance affinity mission reward includes the materials, excluding Boiled-Egg Ore, needed to create one Dozer Skell.


Dozer is equipped with the KAMIKAZE Overdrive, which grants the following effects:

  • Zero fuel usage
  • All damage up
  • Increased accuracy and evasion
  • Reverse damage

The KAMIKAZE significantly increases its damage while it is in overdrive, but makes the Skell loses half of its health if overdrive ends before defeating all enemies.


  • The Japanese name "Yumbo" is a genericized trademark used in Japan to refer to a backhoe or power shovel.
  • Dozer starts with the same initial equipment load-out as the AS0530 Inferno ST, including medium armor.