Draw Melee is a Soul Voice in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is activated when a party member begins a battle using a Melee Weapon. Regardless of customization, the Soul Voice always requests a Melee Art.



Dialogue Option Art Requested Effects upon successful completion
Dialogue A XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% Damage
Dialogue B XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon Inflicts Stagger
Dialogue C XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit

Note: Cross's dialogue for each of these options depends on the voice chosen at the character creation screen.

Other Characters

Character Dialogue Art Requested Effects upon successful completion
Elma "They're off guard. Stagger them with a melee attack!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon Inflicts Stagger I
Lin "Punch first, ask questions later!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% Damage
Irina "Ramp up the adrenaline!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Gwin "I'm going in! Use melee attacks!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage
Doug "Ready? Fire up those melee attacks!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
L "Thwack 'em for some extra zing!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Lao "Let's get up close and personal!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Alexa "Now! Let's get in its face!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage
Bozé "Swift action is rewarded! Strike now!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Celica "If we truly must fight, then I suggest melee attacks!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon Inflicts Stagger I
Frye "Move in for a melee strike! We can do some real damage!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage
H.B. "A melee attack should stagger it!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon Inflicts Stagger I
Hope "Now! Move in close for the first strike!"" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Mia "C'mon! We gotta get right in their face!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage
Murderess "Let's make this quick. Stagger 'em with a melee attack!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon Inflicts Stagger I
Nagi "Let's get in close and teach 'em a lesson!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage
Phog "I'm psyched to go. Move in close!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Yelv "Use melee attacks for double the hurt!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage