Draw Melee is a Soul Voice in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is activated when a party member begins a battle using a Melee Weapon. Regardless of customization, the Soul Voice always requests a Melee Art.



Dialogue Option Art Requested Effects upon successful completion
A XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% Damage
B XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon Inflicts Stagger
C XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit

Other Characters

Character Dialogue Art Requested Effects upon successful completion
Elma "They're off guard. Stagger them with a melee attack!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon Inflicts Stagger I
Lin "Punch first, ask questions later!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% Damage
Irina "Ramp up the adrenaline!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Gwin "I'm going in! Use melee attacks!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage
Doug "Ready? Fire up those melee attacks!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
L "Thwack 'em for some extra zing!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Lao "Let's get up close and personal!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Alexa "Now! Let's get in its face!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage
Bozé "Swift action is rewarded! Strike now!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Celica "If we truly must fight, then I suggest melee attacks!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon Inflicts Stagger I
Frye "Move in for a melee strike! We can do some real damage!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage
H.B. "A melee attack should stagger it!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon Inflicts Stagger I
Hope "Now! Move in close for the first strike!"" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Mia "C'mon! We gotta get right in their face!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage
Murderess "Let's make this quick. Stagger 'em with a melee attack!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon Inflicts Stagger I
Nagi "Let's get in close and teach 'em a lesson!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage
Phog "I'm psyched to go. Move in close!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +200 TP per hit
Yelv "Use melee attacks for double the hurt!" XCX-Soul-Voice-Physical-Icon +100% damage

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