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Rex xc2 close

Rex, a driver and the protagonist

Drivers (Japanese: ドライバー, Doraibā) are playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They are linked to Blades, special lifeforms they create and summon by touching a Core Crystal. Blades endow their Driver with power and a weapon. By collecting and attaching different Blades to the Drivers, the player chooses and selects Blades companions and the kind of role desired given to each Driver.[1]

Affinity lines

XC2-Affinity-Line XC2-Affinity-Line-2
A short blue Affinity line between Pyra and Rex. Medium yellow Affinity lines between Finch and Rex,
and between Dromarch and Nia.

During the battle, a glowing Affinity line displayed on the screen connect a Driver and a Blade. This line shows the power sent from the Blade to the Driver. It looks like the blue line connecting members when a Chain Attack is available, but the Affinity line can glow with different colors and can have different lengths. Various things will happen depending on the color and the length of the line.

List of Drivers

Driver Blade Type Element
Rex Pyra Attacker Heat
Finch Defender Wind
Vasara Shadow
Azami Shadow
Nia Dromarch Aqua
Hotaru Stone


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