Dual Guns are ranged weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are the ranged weapons for Commandos, and can be further mastered through the Winged Viper and Full Metal Jaguar classes. Dual Guns are also the ranged weapons used by Elma, Phog, and Celica.


Level 2

Level 3

Level 4


Art Acquired Class Acquired Rank Effect Range Attribute TP Cost Description
Early Bird Commando 1 Target: User None 1000
Sliding Slinger Commando 2 Target: Single Enemy Weapon 0 Deals weapon damage + From the Side: Boosts TP
Violent Streak Winged Viper 3 Target: Nearby Enemies Weapon 0
Primer Winged Viper 8 Target: User None 0 Grants Critical Power + Increases TP by 200
Ghostwalker Full Metal Jaguar 2 Target: User None 0 Grants Decoy
Executioner Full Metal Jaguar 4 Target: Single Enemy Weapon 1000 Deals weapon damage + boosts damage in ranged combos
Combat Limbo Full Metal Jaguar 6 Target: User None 0 Grants Effect Stasis

Unique Arts

Art Acquired From Mission Effect Range Attribute TP Cost Description
Zero Zero Celica Fitting In Target: Single Enemy Weapon 0 Deals weapon damage + boosts TP in melee combos
Ghost Factory Elma Then and Now Target: Nearby Allies None 1000 Grants Decoy
Sky High Phog A Great Divide Target: Single Enemy Physical 0 Deals physical damage + Inflicts Stun and Launch + boosts damage in melee combos


Arms Manufacturer Name Attribute
Sakuraba Industries Dual Guns Physical
Dual Guns II Physical
Grenada Galactic Group Gemels Beam
Meredith & Co. Pistolia Ether
Candid & Credible Dyads Electric
Dyads II Ether
Dyads III Gravity
Six Stars Sidearm Physical
Nopon Commerce Guild Bangbangs Thermal

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