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Dull Stones are common materials in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be obtained from Lepyxes in Primordia or Oblivia, Liceors in Sylvalum, or purchased from the Network Console for 34 Reward Tickets. One of them is needed to create a rank I Treasure Sensor.


Enemy Level Area
Alba Lepyx11 - 20Oblivia
Awakened Liceor41 - 50Sylvalum
Dazzling Liceor31 - 40Sylvalum
Divine Liceor51 - 70Sylvalum
Giraffin, the Old Hand41Sylvalum
Glowing Liceor21 - 30Sylvalum
Nomad Lepyx31 - 40Sylvalum
Pollen Lepyx21 - 30Sylvalum
Prairie Lepyx11 - 20Primordia
Sirene, the Lost13Primordia
Stola, the Champion57Sylvalum
Stola, the Unchained57Sylvalum
Strange Liceor11 - 20Sylvalum
Wood Lepyx1 - 10Primordia

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