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The future doesn't belong to you!

For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

Dunban in Xenoblade Chronicles
Aliases Dundun
Gender Male
Age 30
Species Homs
Hair color Brown
Eye color Brown
Voice actor(s) Ryo Horikawa
Rufus Jones
Appearances Xenoblade Chronicles
Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS / Wii U
"We may die if we take a stand here. But staying gives us the chance to change our destinies."
— Dunban

Dunban (ダンバン, Danban; English dub: /ˈdʌnˌbæn/ ) is a Homs, and is one of the seven playable characters in Xenoblade Chronicles. Dunban serves as the voice of reason for the group, being willing to kill even a Homs in order to bring peace. Fiora says that Dunban is a big softy and cries when nobody is around. Riki calls him "Dundun".

Personality Edit

Dunban is a soldier and a hero with a true heart. He's always willing to put his own life on the line to save everyone else. He's one of the most mature members of Shulk's party if not the most mature. He does at times let his boldness get to his head, but he tries to avoid being a coward and motivate his fellow comrades to do the same. Despite being degraded to his left arm, he still continued to fight rather than complain. As second-in-command and mentor/advisor of the team, Dunban is the voice of reason and speaks for everyone in some of the most dire times.

Dunban almost never forgets that family and friends are important even in the battlefield. He serves as a mentor to Shulk and Reyn; but even though he has patience, he knows better than to be their babysitter and expects them to depend on their own strength.

Like Shulk, he is very protective of his younger sister Fiora. As her older brother as well as the only biological family member she has close to him, her safety and well-being are his biggest concern. When he thought he lost her, he tried to stay strong and not let his emotions get the best of him; but he loses his temper after he finds out who "murdered" her. And it is later revealed that he cries when no one is around.

Gameplay Edit

Dunban has a variety of moves that allow him to deal a great amount of damage towards an enemy. In addition, many of his attacks combo together (and with status effects that a single party member usually cannot achieve), making his moves very effective. He also possesses many moves that draw aggro to him or increase his speed/evasion. His downside is his poor HP. Wearing heavy armour to increase Physical Defence does not fix this problem, as Dunban is more oriented toward evading attacks than taking damage.

One of Dunban's greatest strengths is his ability to fight up-level; he has many options suited toward this. High Agility (which Serene Heart can boost further) allows him to deal consistent damage against opponents that non-ether fighters have almost no chance of hitting. With sufficient talent levels, this accuracy allows him to maintain debuffs from moves such as Worldly Slash against Unique Monsters with very little downtime. He will usually hold aggro from damage alone in these scenarios, making it important to emphasize evasion and healing from another party member.

Story Edit

A high-ranking soldier of Colony 9, Dunban was originally thought to be the only one capable of wielding the legendary Monado. He used the Monado to repel the invading Mechon forces at the Battle of Sword Valley, one year prior to the game's main story. During the battle, the Monado took a considerable toll on Dunban's health, causing his right arm to become almost completely paralyzed and preventing him from wielding the Monado, as any further exposure to the weapon could kill him. Despite the damage, Dunban is still able to effectively wield a katana, albeit with his left hand. He joins the party permanently after Xord is defeated.

General stats Edit

Max Level Max HP Max Physical Strength Max Ether Strength Max Agility
99 5,530 541 350 148

※ These stats are raw and do not include the bonuses from the skill lines.

Arts Edit

  • Dunban BlossomDanceBlossom Dance [Talent Art] (4-hit combo if B is pressed at the correct time)
  • Dunban GaleSlashGale Slash (inflicts Bleed)
  • Dunban ElectricGutbusterElectric Gutbuster (causes Break if used after Gale Slash)
  • Reyn BerserkerPeerless [Aura] (cures party of confusion, draws aggro and increases strength)
  • Reyn SwordDriveWorldly Slash (2-hit combo lowering phys. def., also lowers strength when used after Gale Slash)
  • Reyn EngageBattle Eye [Aura] (causes Lock-On, increases double attack rate, evasion fills talent gauge)
  • Dunban SteelStrikeSteel Strike (Topples an enemy suffering from Break)
  • Dunban SpiritBreathSpirit Breath [Aura] (removes debuffs, grants Haste)
  • Dunban BlindingBlossomBlinding Blossom (transfers aggro from a team member to Dunban)
  • Dunban SereneHeartSerene Heart [Aura] (increases accuracy and evasion, higher bonus with lower health)
  • Dunban TempestKickTempest Kick (long range ether attack, removes enemy buffs when used after Gale Slash)
  • Sharla CovertStanceHeat Haze [Aura] (completely removes aggro, guarantees critical hits)
  • Dunban ThunderThunder (hits enemies behind Dunban with an ether blast, forces Daze when used while an Aura is active)
  • Reyn WarSwingSoaring Tempest (multiple hits to enemies in range, hits fill Talent Gauge)
  • Reyn LastStandJaws of Death [Aura] (increases physical arts damage, revives when incapacitated, fills Talent Gauge when incapacitated)
  • Shulk BattleSoulFinal Flicker (fills Talent Gauge in exchange for HP)
  • Reyn WildDownDemon Slayer (all enemies suffer forced Topple when used to kill an enemy)

Monado Arts Edit

During the Battle of Sword Valley and the second round of the story battle event at Central Plaza when the Mechon attack Colony 9, Dunban wields the Monado and can perform three arts:

  • Shulk ActivateMonado Activate Monado [Talent Art] [Aura].
  • Shulk MonadoBuster Buster - Damages enemies in a straight line. Mechon suffer double damage.
  • Shulk MonadoEnchant Enchant - Allows allies to damage Mechon for a time and boosts attack power.

Skill trees Edit

Dunban initially has access to three skill trees:

Dunban's fourth Skill Tree Obstinance can be obtained via the quest The Balance of Power received on Valak Mountain and has the following prerequisites:

Dunban's fifth Skill Tree "Enthusiasm" is acquired from the quest Stunted Growth found in the Hidden Village on the Fallen Arm and requires the following to be obtainable:

  • Mechonis Core Cleared
  • Fallen Arm 4 affinity stars (not 100% clear whether more might be needed)

Gem Crafting Edit

Dunban owns unique Shooter and Engineer abilities for Gem Crafting, they are:

Shooter Edit

  • Combo Master: Qualities grow stronger when flame is constant.

Engineer Edit

  • Strong Flame: Good
  • Medium Flame: Poor
  • Gentle Flame: Average

Presents Edit

4 hearts Edit

2 hearts Edit

In Super Smash Bros. Edit

Dunban is shown performing a Chain Attack with Shulk and Riki as Shulk's Final Smash.

A Dunban costume is also available for Mii Fighters as downloadable content.

Quotes Edit

Arts Edit

  • "Born in a world of strife!
    Against the odds,
    we choose to fight!
    Blossom Dance!"
  • "Gale Slash!"
  • "Electric Gutbuster!"
  • "Steel Strike!"
  • "Worldly Slash!"
  • "Tempest Kick!"
  • [While performing 'Blinding Blossom' art] "Dance with me!"
  • [While performing 'Heat Haze' art] "Heat Haze!"or "Die!"
  • [While performing 'Battle Eye' art] "Face me if you dare!"
  • [While performing 'Spirit Breath' art] "Dodge this!"
  • [While performing 'Jaws of Death' art] "I fear not the Jaws of Death!"
  • [While performing 'Thunder' art] "Ugh... Thunder!"
  • [While performing 'Soaring Tempest' art] "Soaring Tempest!" or "I'll cut you all to shreds!"
  • [While performing 'Demon Slayer' art] "Demon Slayer!" or "Taste true strength unleashed!"
  • [While performing 'Serene Heart' art] "Stay calm. Stay focused."

Battle Edit

  • "For a bunch of soulless machines, they seem to know a thing or two. But we'll see."
  • "Follow my lead!"
  • "There is no escape!"
  • "Amateurish."
  • "Leave this to me!"
  • "Not bad. Not bad at all."
  • "Your days are numbered!"
  • [When controlling Dunban and initiating a chain attack] "On my mark!"
  • "There are things at play here we can't hope to understand."
  • "Ah... Just like old times!"
  • Reyn: "How would you rate me on that battle?"
    Dunban: "Amateurish."
    Sharla: "Yes, amateurish."
    Reyn: "Aw man! After all my training..."
  • Dunban: "Riki, mighty Heropon, I can see that you are in pain."
    Riki: "Pteh! Nothing can beat Riki."
    Shulk: "Dunban, you're embarrassing Riki!"
  • "At last, we move at the same pace!"
  • "You'll be gone before you know what hit you."
  • [After a chain attack] "Timing is everything, remember that!"
  • [After a chain attack] "Unity is vital for a superior team!"
  • [When engaging a higher level enemy] "Was this the wrong tactical decision?"
  • [When engaging a higher level enemy] "At least we'll fight!"
  • [When controlling Dunban and engaging a higher level enemy] "If we do not fight, we cannot proceed!"
  • [When engaging a weak enemy] "I don't have time for small fry!"
  • [When controlling Dunban and engaging a weak enemy] "No mercy!"
  • [When all other characters are down] "I am Dunban! Attack me if you dare!"
  • [When delivering a critical hit] "Felt that, huh?"
  • "It's only a matter of time before we lose!"
  • "But we mustn't be careless!"
  • "I can see this isn't pushing you at all!"
  • "Feel the flow of battle!"

Vision Warnings Edit

  • "Reyn! Got some trouble."
  • "Sharla, what should we do?"
  • "Riki! Time to prove your mettle as a hero!"
  • "Melia, let's go!"
  • "Fiora. You can do it, right?"
  • [Warning Shulk] "You saw a vision, yes?"

Gallery Edit

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