Duoguills (Japanese: グイラ, Guira) are flying piscinoids in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They look like flying sharks with electric tentacles. They are primarily nocturnal creatures. They can be found in Primordia, Oblivia, and Sylvalum.


"Though the two tentacles on their crowns make duogills stand out, they aren't merely for show--the creatures use them to restrain and electrocute potential prey, at which point the paralyzed victims are eaten alive. Multiple eyes also add to the duoguills' frightening appearance, though their actual purpose is to provide a wide field of vision."

"The fry look completely different from adults, and also happen to be quite toxic. This adaptive phenomenon protects young duoguills from enemies they cannot repel with their yet-undeveloped bioelectricity."

Color Variants

Duoguills fall into two color variants:

Types of Duoguills

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies


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