Dynastrars are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are gunlances wielded by Reyn, and can be obtained from various low-level enemies. They can also be purchased from the Syrath Lighthouse Shop shop.



Enemy drops

Enemy Area Rate
Ammos OrlugaMakna Forest20.2 %
Arena OrlugaMakna Forest20.2 %
Obsessive GalgaronMakna Forest20.2 %
Sabulum OrlugaMakna Forest20.2 %
Clifftop BayernBionis' Leg14.8 %
Chloro LaiaEryth Sea7.1 %
Ciconia EkidnoEryth Sea7.1 %
Cruz PagulEryth Sea7.1 %
Cumulus DanaemosEryth Sea7.1 %
Eryth AnselEryth Sea7.1 %
Lunar GradyEryth Sea7.1 %
Palti KromarEryth Sea7.1 %
Pelargos EkidnoEryth Sea7.1 %
Proper BandazEryth Sea7.1 %
Somati KromarEryth Sea7.1 %
Subterranean ZomarEryth Sea7.1 %
Tempestuous EdegiaEryth Sea7.1 %
Archer HodeEryth Sea5.7 %
Kurian HodeEryth Sea5.7 %
Possessio HodeEryth Sea5.7 %
Watcher HodeEryth Sea5.7 %
Terra OrlugaMakna Forest4.8 %
Tarifa HodeEryth Sea4.5 %
Unine HodeEryth Sea4.5 %
Confusion EkidnoEryth Sea0 %
Decay EkidnoEryth Sea0 %
Pillager HodeEryth Sea0 %

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