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The blades of the paradise seeker. They are named Mizar and Alcor.
Type Fiora's Twin Blades
Attack 280 - 480
Physical Def 0
Ether Def 0
Critical Rate 10%
Block Rate 0%
Empty Slots 1 - 3
Sell Price 3,000 G

Dystopia are weapons in Xenoblade Chronicles. They are twin blades wielded by Fiora.



One slot

NPC Area Affinity
Dulland Colony 9 1

Enemy drops

Note: For any enemies listed with a 0% drop rate, the item can only be obtained using Yoink!

Three slots

Enemy Area Rate
Eternal PalsadiaSatorl Marsh12.3 %
Arel Telethia (Eryth Sea)Eryth Sea2.9 %
Arel Telethia (Alcamoth)Alcamoth2.9 %
Bizarre RagoelEryth Sea2.9 %
Primordial Telethia (QE)Alcamoth2.9 %
Telethia Arielle (QE)Alcamoth2.9 %
Telethia Galdo (QE)Alcamoth2.9 %
Telethia Galvin (QE)Alcamoth2.9 %
Telethia Lecrough (QE)Alcamoth2.9 %
Telethia Lesunia (QE)Alcamoth2.9 %
Clamorous DablonEryth Sea2.8 %
Eryth RhanaEryth Sea2.2 %
Baelfael GogolSatorl Marsh1.2 %
Baelzeb GogolSatorl Marsh1.2 %
Indomitable DaultonSatorl Marsh1.2 %
Radiant Pterix (QE)Satorl Marsh0 %

Two slots

Enemy Area Rate
Magnificent DigalusMakna Forest8.9 %
Deinos SaurosMakna Forest8.1 %
Eternal PalsadiaSatorl Marsh5.7 %
Pandora PodBionis' Leg5.4 %
Panasowa ArachnoTephra Cave3.7 %
Vilae ArachnoTephra Cave3.7 %
Femuny WispTephra Cave3.2 %
Leg TokilosBionis' Leg2.8 %
Protective TorquidonTephra Cave2.1 %
Polkan TelethiaColony 61 %
Sani TelethiaColony 60 %
Sureny TelethiaColony 60 %

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