Elemental Discharge is Melia's Talent Art in Xenoblade Chronicles. It discharges the most recently summoned elemental, hitting once with an Ether attack.

Unlike other characters' talent arts, Elemental Discharge can be used anytime, regardless of the state of her Talent Gauge, so long as she has at least one summoned elemental. Using this talent art fills her Talent Gauge by 10%, or 15% if used within 5 seconds of discharging a different elemental.


The target, distance, power, and effects of this talent art depends on the most recently summoned elemental:

Element Learned Target Distance Aggro Art Power Effect
Vertical Bolt Level 1 One enemy 20 meters - 2.50 – 4.03
Flare Impulse Level 1 Enemy's vicinity 20 meters 20 0.90 – 1.53 Blaze
Healing Aqua Level 32 One enemy 20 meters - 0.20 – 0.47 Absorbs HP
Razor Wind Level 41 Enemy's vicinity 20 meters - 1.50 – 3.03
Poison Earth Level 47 One enemy 20 meters 20 0.60 – 1.14 Poison
Ice Spread Level 56 Nearby enemies 10 meters 20 1.20 – 2.01 Chill

Elemental Burst

When the talent gauge is at 100%, Melia automatically activates her Elemental Burst aura, which doubles the damage inflicted by Elemental Discharge. The duration of the aura depends by chance and on Melia's tension level. Once the Elemental Burst aura dissipates, the talent gauge will reset back to 0% and the ether damage modifier will no longer be in effect.

Tension Chance of Maintaining Elemental Burst Aura
Very High (250 or higher) 90 %
High (200 to 249) 75 %
Normal (1 to 199) 60 %
Low (-49 to 0) 50 %
Very Low (-50 or lower) 0 %

Miscellaneous Info

  • When Melia is controlled by the AI, warning her after seeing a Vision allows her to automatically activate her Elemental Burst aura.