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Empress Beetle
Emits a celestial light which attains intense beauty in its dying moments.
Vital statistics
Type Bug
Source Frontier Village
Sell Price 1,014 G

Empress Beetles are collectables in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be found in Frontier Village.


Frontier Village - all the locations have a spawn rate of 19%:

  • The Reservoir on the south shore (4 spawn points, 2 of them only in daytime).
  • The northwest area of B1F, north of the ramp leading to GF (2 spawn points).
  • Under the Entry Bridge on B1F (4 spawn points).
  • Eastern area of B1F, just east of the giant roots (2 spawn points).
  • Apex Lake on the three small islands (night only)

Needed for

Colony 6 reconstruction



NPC Area Affinity
Dobadoba Frontier Village 4
Hoko Frontier Village ☆5


Giving this collectable as a present from one player character to another will raise or lower the affinity between them as indicated by the following table:

Recipient Shulk Fiora Dunban Reyn Sharla Riki Melia
Affinity 4

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