The Enemy Index displaying a Lake Terebra

The Enemy Index (Enemy Guide in Japanese versions) is the bestiary in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This guide allows to collect all the data about the enemies fought by the party throughout the game, organized by category and subcategory. It also features biology notes for each species. There are no rewards or achievements for completing the Enemy Index.

An entry is added to the Enemy Index when the party enters combat with the opponent, even if the party flees the battle. Defeating a particular enemy 1 – 3 times will update the entry with more details, including its HP and other stats, resistances, base EXP awarded for defeating it, and special conditions for appearances like time or weather.

The left side of the entry shows how many of that enemy the party has defeated, and the number of times the party has been defeated by it. For Tyrants it also shows the numbers of players worldwide who have defeated it or been defeated by it.

Some Bosses, Tyrants, and Mission Exclusive Enemies have Additional Details that give extra flavor text. Examples of these include the Callow Grex, Shuravas, the Enraged, Gradivus, the Headless Emperor, and Soldier Chimera.

Most Mission Exclusive Enemies are not listed in the Enemy Index. This includes enemies encountered only in Squad Missions or Support Missions.

Information Unlocked by…
Name, Level, Region,
Normal / Tyrant / Boss
Enter into combat
Salvageable Materials Obtain the material from any source.
HP, Base EXP,
Additional Details
Defeat 1 time
Other Stats,
Attribute Resistances
Defeat 2 times※
Time & Weather Defeat 3 times※

※ 1 time for Bosses and Tyrants.

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