Enforcer (known as Forcer in the Japanese version) is a class featured in Xenoblade Chronicles X. It is one of three classes that can be changed from Drifter. The Enforcer is specialised in Support and Ranged Arts. This class provides bonuses to ranged attack and potential. The basic equipped Weapons are Knives and Rayguns. Once the Class Rank is complete, it gives access to the specialised to Psycorruptor or Blast Fencer. The basic Arts of the Enforcer are Beam Barrage and Repair.

Class Ranks

Rank Arts Skills
1 Beam Barrage
2 Inner Search
3 Repair
4 Beam Boost
5 Myopic Screen
6 Beam Guard
7 Full Specs
8 Buff Heal
9 Healing Touch
10 High Tension

Specialisations (Level 3)

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