Enthusiasm is Dunban's fifth Skill Tree in Xenoblade Chronicles. It can be unlocked by completing the quest Stunted Growth on the Fallen Arm. Prioritizing Enthusiasm increases Dunban's Strength by up to 100 (10 if no skill has been learnt).

Skill List

Name Shape Linkable Cost Description  Skill Tree Effect Value
Charge Acceleration Square Yes 8 Grants Haste buff at start of battle. 30
Counter Rage Circle Yes 6 Increases chance of a counter-attack by 10%. 40
Ardent Strike Circle Yes 7 Increases tension gained after a critical hit. 50
Deadly Determination Star Yes 58 Increases tension gained when using Arts by 10. 70
Blazing Aura Hexagon Yes 43 Fills Party Gauge by 20 when activating an Aura. 100

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