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Enthusiasm is one of Reyn's initial three skill trees in Xenoblade Chronicles.  Prioritizing Enthusiasm improves Reyn's critical hit rate by up to 15% (2% if no skills are learnt).

Skill List

Name Shape Linkable Cost Description  Skill Tree Effect Value
Heavy Equipment Star Yes 30 Allows heavy weight armour to be equipped. 4%
Courageous Taunt Diamond No NA Increases aggro drawn by Mad Taunt by 10%. 6%
Healing Inspiration Circle Yes 12 Restores 10% HP to an encouraged ally. 8%
Reckless Courage Square Yes 2 Strength Up 20% buff at start of battle with higher level of enemies. 10%
Heroic Taunt Diamond No NA Further increases aggro drawn by Mad Taunt by 15%. 15%

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