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Factory 1.21 is a commercial Arms Manufacturer in Xenoblade Chronicles X. The CEO is Professor B, an individual dealer with unique taste. He has a large following of quiet, but extremely loyal, customers.

This AM is unlocked upon completion of the normal mission Professor B's Return. He produces rare and valuable gravity-attribute products. Known for attention to detail in both form and function. Factory 1.21 does not produce armor.

Arms Manufacturer Upgrades

Level 1

  • Introduction: "A privately-owned arms manufacturer known for the unique aesthetics and singular craftsmanship of its custom-made products. It has quickly built up a cult following of supporters."

Level 4

Equipment at the shop terminal is now "Unique" rarity, with two battle traits.

Level 5

Equipment at the shop terminal is now "Prime" rarity, with three battle traits.


The manufacturer's name refers to the "1.21 gigawatts" of power needed to power the DeLorean time machine through time in the Back to the Future series.