Falsaxum (Japanese: ガルカス, Garukasu) are large, rocky beetle-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They somewhat look like a rock turtle but are Insectoids. They can be found in Noctilum, Oblivia, and Sylvalum. They are counterparts of Ciniculas.


"Giant beetles that mimic boulders. Not very adept at pursuing prey, they favor sitting still and waiting for dinner to come to them."

"During droughts, the falsaxum will enter a state of dormancy that can last for centuries. But even this impressive talent has its limits, as the creatures will occasionally perish while still in a dormant state. The dead creature's organic components then assimilate with its surrounding mineral deposits--turning them from figurative boulders into literal ones."

Color Variants

Falsaxum fall into two color variants:

  • Rock falsaxum are stone-brown. They can drop Gremlin Stones.
  • Crystal falsaxum are light gray with pale green spikes and horn, to match the nearby crystals. They can drop Green Crystals. They only appear in Sylvalum.

Types of Falsaxum

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies


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