The future doesn't belong to you!

For those who have not completed Xenoblade Chronicles, this page or section may contain spoilers regarding the plot. Discretion is advised.

This page lists all the quotes of Fiora in Xenoblade Chronicles.


Talking to NPC

Condition Dialogue
Shulk as party leader Shulk - That doesn't sound good.
Fiora - I agree, Shulk! So why don't we try to help?
Shulk - Yeah. I don't want to just leave them like this, you know?
Shulk - That doesn't sound good.
Fiora - Yeah, it's a problem.
Reyn as party leader Reyn - That's a pain.
Fiora - Why are you acting cool, Reyn? We know you're panicking inside.
Reyn - I ain't acting! I'm just thinking about what we should do!
Reyn - That's a pain
Fiora - You're telling me!
Sharla as as party leader Sharla - How worrying.
Fiora - Right, how about we sort it out?
Sharla - That's just like you, Fiora! I'm sure we'll get it sorted no matter what.
Sharla - How worrying.
Fiora - Yeah. Poor you!.
Dunban as party leader Dunban - That is indeed a problem.
Fiora - I'm sure you can help them sort it out, Dunban.
Dunban - I'm not so sure, Fiora. There may be complex factors we aren't aware of yet.
Dunban - That is indeed a problem.
Fiora - Yep. That's a problem.
Melia as party leader Melia - Hmm...a problem.
Fiora - But you can't abandon them them, right Melia? I can see it in your face.
Melia - As I can you, Fiora. It seems we are both of a curious nature even when facing adversity.
Melia - Hmm...a problem.
Fiora - Yeah. It's terrible!
Riki as party leader Riki - Waah! This is crisis...yes?
Fiora - But no crisis is too much for a mighty Heropon like you, right?
Riki - Fiora really think Riki mighty? Riki no want let Fiora down.
Riki - Waah! This is crisis...yes?
Fiora - Yeah. It sounds bad.
Fiora as party leader Fiora - That is a worry.
[One party member may then step in]
Shulk Shulk - Let's try and help them out, Fiora. Then they can get back on track.
Fiora - You're right. It's a problem, but definitely one we can fix!
Shulk - Yeah, it doesn't sound good.
Reyn Reyn - This is news to me! I thought you only ever worried about Shulk!
Fiora - T-that's not fair! I'm worried about this too! Well...a bit.
Reyn - Yeah, definitely not good.
Sharla Sharla - Well, let's do something! Just worrying about it won't help!
Fiora - I agree! Let's sort it out!
Sharla - Yes, this is a problem.
Dunban Dunban - But if you want to hear something really bad; when Fiora turned six--
Fiora - If you say another word I'll... I'll... I dunno what what I'll do!
Dunban - That it does.
Melia Melia - So should we stay here looking concerned or should we act?

Fiora - Melia, you're right! Let's solve this problem!

Melia - Indeed. We ought to try and help out.
Riki Riki - [Thinks] Now's the perfect chance! Riki make everyone smile with Nopon dance!
Fiora - Riki, what are you thinking about? This is important, you know?
Riki - That a big big problem!

Decline quest

Condition Dialogue
Shulk as party leader Shulk - Sorry. I'm a little busy right now.
Fiora - Shulk! Come on! Let's help them!
Shulk - Sorry.
Shulk - Sorry. I'm a little busy right now.
Fiora - Don't worry. It can't be helped.
Reyn as party leader Reyn - Sorry. I've got a lotta stuff on at the moment.
Fiora - Reyn, that's really cold of you. Not getting at you. Just saying.
Reyn -'s fair enough.
Reyn - Sorry. I've got a lotta stuff on at the moment.
Fiora - Don't worry. It happens.
Sharla as as party leader Sharla - Sorry, now's not a good time.
Fiora - You're gonna refuse? Wow, i thought that you'd... Wow.
Sharla - Looks like you had me wrong! I'm sorry, Fiora. Please forgive me.
Sharla - Sorry, now's not a good time.
Fiora - That's all right. It can't be helped..
Dunban as party leader Dunban - Apologies. I'll help you next time.
Fiora - What's that supposed to mean? This isn't like you, Dunban.
Dunban - Yes, you're right, Fiora. I'm sorry.
Dunban - Apologies. I'll help you next time.
Fiora - It's OK. Don't worry about it.
Melia as party leader Melia - Sorry, but I have other matters that I must attend to now.
Fiora - So if now isn't a good time, when exactly will be?
Melia - I do not know precisely. But when we are on top of events.
Melia - Sorry, but I have other matters that I must attend to now.
Fiora - It's OK, Melia. I understand..
Riki as party leader Riki - Sorry, sorry. Riki busy now.
Fiora - Oh dear, Riki. What a shame If you'd agree to help, you might have got a reward.
Riki - Reward? Riki want a reward! Okey dokey, Riki come back later!
Riki - Sorry, sorry. Riki busy now.
Fiora - Don't feel bad about it. We don't want you to overexerting yourself.
Fiora as party leader Fiora - Sorry. I'll help you next time, OK?
[If a party member stepped in when talking to NPC then s/he will say something]
Shulk Shulk - What's with you all of a sudden? You're not going to help them?
Fiora - Sorry. Now isn't a good time.
Shulk - OK. Maybe next time.
Reyn Reyn - Hey, what was that all about? You're just gonna walk off?
Fiora - I can't do everything, you know? Sometimes you get days like this!
Reyn - Well, sometimes that's just how it is.
Sharla Sharla - Quite a stark refusal. Something bothering you, Fiora?
Fiora - No. It's nothing. I'm sorry, I just don't think I can be much of a help right now.
Sharla - Don't worry. It can't be helped
Dunban Dunban - If you say so, then I presume you have your reasons. But you must realise this is not the correct course of action.
Fiora - Yes, I know. I promise I'll come back
Dunban - Wise. You mustn't stretch yourself too far.
Melia Melia - Do you not regret your choice? I wonder what Shulk would think...
Fiora - Sh-Shulk was nothing to do with this! I just made my own choice, that's all.
Melia - There are many things we must do. It cannot be helped.
Riki Riki - Fiora, it not nice to not help. People in trouble get really sad.
Fiora - You're right, Riki. But I can't help right now. I'm sorry.
Riki - That right! Now not good time!

Accept quest

Condition Dialogue
Shulk as party leader Shulk - No problem. Leave it to me!
Fiora - Shulk, be careful, OK? Make sure you don't over do it!
Shulk - I'll be fine! Because you're with me, Fiora.
Reyn as party leader Reyn - No sweat! We'll be done before ya know it!
Fiora - Hahahaha! Reyn, you really get carried away! But I'm gonna try as hard as you!
Reyn - Heh heh! Think you can keep up with Reyn time, Fiora?
Sharla as as party leader Sharla - You can count on us. We'll get it done!
Fiora - I'm getting goosebumps, Sharla. I wish I was as confident as you!
Sharla - Don't be silly. Of course you are! Right, you ready to help out?
Dunban as party leader Dunban - Consider it done
Fiora - That's my big brother! But don't push yourself too much! I worry about you, you know?
Dunban - No need to worry about me. I have you and the others too. So, I'm not alone, am I?
Melia as party leader Melia - Rest assured that your issue will be attended with haste!
Fiora - Two of Bionis' bravest and boldest women, at your service.
Melia [Thinks] Fiora is certainly high-spirited today. It appears I shall have to double my efforts!
Riki as party leader Riki - Easy-peasy! Heropon take care of it!
Fiora - That's right! We're counting on you, brave Heropon!
Riki - [Yells] Yeah! Just leave everything to Heropon!
Generic line as AI controlled Yeah! Let's give it our all!
Fiora as party leader Fiora - OK! I'll give my best shot!
[One party member may then step in]
Shulk Shulk - Yeah! Fiora, let's solve this one together!
Fiora - "Together"... Yeah! That sounds great, Shulk!
Reyn Reyn - That's cool, but on your own? I think I'd better help you out!
Fiora - No one asked you. But thanks anyway.
Sharla Sharla - Good answer, Fiora! Let's get this issue sorted out!
Fiora - Yeah!
Dunban Dunban - As a big brother, I can't just let my little sister go off on her own.
Fiora - Fine with me. There's plenty you can do to help out, Dunban!
Melia Melia - I too will give it my best...shot! I tried to copy you but... never mind.
Fiora - Hee hee! It's no problem! Come on, let's get to work!
Riki Riki - [Yells] Fiora try her bestest so Riki try his bestest too!
Fiora - Thanks, Riki! Right let's do it!

Complete quest

Condition Dialogue
Shulk as party leader Shulk - I'm glad everything worked out.
Fiora - That's great, Shulk! You really did a good job!
Shulk - Well I had you to help!
Shulk - I'm glad everything worked out.
Fiora - Yeah. I'm glad too.!
Reyn as party leader Reyn - Well, that's that.
Fiora - Reyn, I'm impressed! You do have what it takes!
Reyn - Oi oi oi! Don't be shy! Just say it straight: "Reyn, you're the man!". Like that.
Reyn - Well, that's that.
Fiora - I'm so glad we sorted all this out!
Sharla as as party leader Sharla - Good, it was out pleasure!
Fiora - Yeah. We did a good thing, didn't we?
Sharla - That's right, Fiora. We should be proud of ourselves.
Sharla - Good, it was out pleasure!
Fiora - Yeah! I'm glad it worked out.
Dunban as party leader Dunban - Don't worry about it. It was nothing.
Fiora - You're amazing, Dunban! I'm not just saying that.
Dunban - What's with you all of a sudden? I don't think I can remember the last time you praised me so much. I suppose I should just smile and be happy.
Dunban - Don't worry about it. It was nothing.
Fiora - Yeah. It really wasn't a problem.
Melia as party leader Melia - I hope i was of some help.
Fiora - Melia, it's OK to be happy. You put in a lot of effort after all.
Melia - My apologies. I am not used to such behaviour. You are most kind, Fiora.
Melia - I hope i was of some help.
Fiora - You were a great help, Melia!
Riki as party leader Riki - Yay yay! Happy! Riki really happy!
Fiora - I guess all this is just a walk in the park for a Heropon like you.
Riki - Yep! Fiora right! Walk in park! Er... Riki no understand... Why for walk in park?
Riki - Yay yay! Happy! Riki really happy!
Fiora - Yeah! I'm happy too, Riki!
Fiora as party leader Fiora - Oh what a relief! Another problem solved.
[One party member may then step in]
Shulk Shulk -That's right! Good job, Fiora!
Fiora - [Thinks] I'm so glad! Shulk is happy too. Maybe I really can help people!
Shulk - And not a moment too soon, Fiora!
Reyn Reyn - Yeah. That's a weight off your shoulders. Nice work, Fiora.
Fiora - Stop it. I'm not used to you saying nice things to me. Feels weird.
Reyn - Right on! Well worth the effort!
Sharla Sharla - Hehe. Seeing you like this makes me feel proud, Fiora!
Fiora - H-hey... you're making me blush!
Sharla - Yes. It all went quite well!
Dunban Dunban - Excellent work, Fiora. You ought to be proud of yourself!
Fiora - No. It's too early for that! After all, we still have lots to do!
Dunban - Yes. That takes care of that.
Melia Melia - Our success is down to your unwavering effort, Fiora!
Fiora - I just did what I had to do. Hehe. It's still nice to hear it though.
Melia - Yes indeed! A job well done.
Riki Riki - Now we celebrate with Fiora's tasty cooking!
Fiora - Yes, sir! Today I'll make something extra fancy!
Riki - Riki's friends did it! Five cheers to Heropon and his trusty sidekicks!

Gem Crafting

Condition Quote
Start "Sure. No problem."
During "There we go."
"Move this bit."
Successful craft "OK. Finished."
"This way worked better than I thought."
Heat or mega-heat craft "Yay! Great."
"This is great."
Party support "Let me help too."
"How about trying this?"
Fever "I'm in the mood for crafting."

Level up

  • "Yeah!"
  • "This power will help me protect Shulk."
  • "I can feel myself getting stronger."

Battle Quotes


Condition Quote
Weak enemy Party Leader "Don't get careless."
AI Controlled "This should be easy."
Normal enemy Party Leader "Okay. Let's go."
"Come on. We can do it."
"Is everybody ready?"
AI Controlled "Leave this fight to me."
"These things freak me out."
"I'm gonna go all out."
Good luck, everyone
Strong Enemy Party Leader "If we don't try it, we'll "never know."
AI Controlled "There's no way we can win."
"Guys...... is this such a good idea?"

During Battle


Condition Quote
High Tension "I'm feeling pretty good."
Very High Tension "I feel like I can beat anyone."
Team-mate High Tension "Yay, Shulk. Go you."
"Don't get carried away, Reyn."
"Go, Sharla."
"That's my big brother."
"Melia, let's go."
"Riki's having fun *giggles*"
Team-mate Very High Tension "That's the spirit, Shulk"
"We're counting on you, Reyn."
"Sharla, you're amazing"
"*Giggles* Not often you get so excited, Dunban"
"You're showing me up, Melia"
"Go get'em, Riki."


Condition Quote
Homs Fiora
Power Smash "POWER SMASH!"
"You're mine."
Screw Edge "Screeeeeew EDGE!"
"How's this?"
Hidden Thorn "Hidden THORN!"
Lacerate "LACERATE!"
"Feel the weight of your existence"
Mechon Fiora
Double Blade "Double blade"
Spear Blade "Spear Blade!"
"How's this?"
Cross Impact "One, two, Cross Impact."
Healing Energy "Healing Energy!"
"I'm not gonna lose"
Zero Gravity "Zero Gravity!"
"Feel the weight of your existence"
Ether Drain "Ether Drain!"
"Your energy is mine."
Air Fang "AAAIR FANG!"
"You're outta here."
Double Wind "Double Wind. You're history!"
"You're mine."
Second Gear "Shifting into second gear!"
"I'll burn everything to ashes."
Lock On "Lock On."
"There's no escape."
Mag Storm "MAG STOOORM!"
"The electromagnetic tempest will swallow you!"
Guard Shift "Field. For power."
"Defense systems at MAX."
Power Drain "POWER DRAIN!"
"Now, it's not nice to hog all the energy."
Speed Shift "Try and catch me."
"ECS! Mode B!"
"See how you like this."
Talent Arts
Talent gauge at 50% "I feel... stronger."
Talent gauge at 100% "I can do it. I know I can"
Butterfly Step "Butterfly step!"
Sword Drones I, II, X "Sword Drones. One, two, three... yah!"
Gun Drones I, II "GOOOOOOOO!"
"Gun drones... EXTERMINATE!"
Cannon Drones I, II "Response and move. Cannon Drones!"
Shield Drones I, II "Protect us. Shield Drones!"
"Barrier. Maximum power."

Party Gauge

The following quotes will play when the first or second bar of the party gauge is filled.

Condition Quote
Shulk Shulk - OK guys, now we're putting together.
Fiora - Yeah, I feel too, Shulk.
Shulk - Yeah, all together now.
Fiora - Right!
Reyn Reyn - OK, now we're getting started.
Fiora - Feels good, right?
Reyn - All right. Now, tear 'em up.
Fiora - Yeah, let's go, Reyn.
Sharla Sharla - We're starting to look like a team.
Fiora - The best team ever.
Sharla - Now, we're working as one.
Fiora - Let's keep on going, Sharla
Dunban Dunban - Everyone, feel the flow of battle.
Fiora - I will, Dunban.
Dunban - At last, we move at the same pace.
Fiora - That's right, Dunban.
Melia Melia - Now is see there is strength in unity.
Fiora - Melia, I know exactly how you feel
Melia - Helping each other is our greatest strength.
Fiora - And together, no one can beat us.
Riki Riki - Riki sidekicks do good.
Fiora - *Laughs* Thank you, oh mighty Riki.
Riki - [???] ... thank you Riki time?
Fiora - All down to you, Riki.
Fiora Fiora - It's wonderful to be with everyone.
[Only one of the following lines will play. Depending on the active party]
Shulk - I won't let you go, Fiora.
Reyn - Yeah, Fiora, ain't that a truth?
Sharla -
Dunban - As I with you, sister.
Melia - Your words ring true, Fiora.
Riki - Is riki so handsome?
Fiora - I really like how vibe.
[Only one of the following lines will play. Depending on the active party]
Shulk - Me too, Fiora.
Reyn - Yeah, Fiora. Let's show em what we got.
Sharla - Me too, Fiora.
Dunban -
Melia - Me too, Fiora.
Riki - Not be same without Riki.

Chain Attack

Condition Quote
Ready "Chain attack ready and waiting"
"Chain attack would be good now."
"Ready to go."
"Ready when you are"
"Ready when you are"
Start "Follow my lead."
"Let's finish this together."
Shulk's turn "Shulk!"
"Shulk, now's your chance."
Reyn's turn "Reyn!"
"Reyn, don't mess up."
Sharla's turn "Sharla!"
"Sharla, you're up next."
Dunban's turn "Dunban!"
"Dunban, your turn."
Melia's turn "Melia!"
"Melia... now!"
Riki's Turn "Riki!"
"Riki, it's hero time."
Fiora's turn "OK... My turn."
"My turn."
Extra turn "We're not done yet."
"Hang on, we're not finished."
End "This is how we do it."
"That was great, guys."
"*Laughs* We did it."
"We were amazing"


Condition Quote
Being ordered "Okey dokey."
When engaging at will "Do whatever comes naturally."
When focusing attacks "Concentrate your attacks."


Condition Quote
Warning Shulk "Shulk, you had a vision, right?"
Warning Reyn "Reyn, we got trouble."
Warning Sharla "Sharla, what are we going to do?"
Warning Dunban "Dunban, if we don't do something..."
Warning Melia "Melia, we don't have much time."
Warning Riki "Riki, what can we do?"
Being warned "OK, Shulk. Go it."
"This future isn't good."
"I'll do my best."
"What...? What are we going to do?"
"I'll protect us."
Vision smashed "Did... did that work?"
"Yeah, we did it."
"We make our own future."
"Sorry, not interested in that future."
"We can change the future.


Condition Quote
Generic "Please, wake up."
Shulk "Don't give up, Shulk."
Reyn "Up you get, Reyn."
Sharla "This isn't the end, Sharla."
Dunban "Come on, Dunban , you can still do it."
Melia "Come on, Melia. Stand up."
Riki "Riki, come on. Try harder."
Being revived "I'm not gonna fall again"


Condition Quote
Generic "Gotta concentrate, gotta focus."
"You wouldn't want to let us down now, would you?"
"Don't you dare give up."
Shulk "Shulk, where's that smile I like so much?"
Reyn "Reyn, whatcha you doing?"
Sharla "Sharla, get with us."
Dunban "Dunban, don't embarrass me."
Melia "You can do it, Melia."
Riki "That's not the hero I heard about."
Being encouraged "I'll be fine now. Thanks."
"Sorry. This isn't like me."

Burst Affinity

Condition Quote
Team-mate critical hits "Fabulous."
"That was great."
"You did it."
Team-mate misses or

attack gets blocked

"Don't worry about it."
"Better luck next time."
Team-mate dodges "Wow, nice dodge."
"Wow... that was close."
Burst affinity failed after missing an attack "I missed."


Condition Quote
Critical Hit "That's gotta hurt."
"How's that?"
Dodging an attack "Saw it coming."
Helping a team-mate Generic "Come on. On your feet."
"Here. I'll help you."
Sleep "Wake up!"
Confuse "You OK?
Healed or buffed "You're a life saviour."
"Thank you."
"Awww, thank you, Shulk"
Enemy near death "Just a little more. Keep at it."
"We can do it, I know we can."
"Victory is in our sights."
"Let's keep up this pace and finish the job."
Team-mate kills an enemy "Way to go, Shulk."
"Good to see you working hard, Reyn."
"Perfect shot, Sharla."
"Dunban, you're so cool."
"Melia, you something else."
"Riki, that's great."
Last enemy "OK, final push, guys. LET'S DO IT!"
Missing an attack "WHAT!?"
Constantly missing attacks "We're not getting anywhere."
Enemy blocks "Hey?"
"No way."
Reinforcements "Here comes more."
"One after the other. What a pain."
Low HP "I... don't feel so good."
"Everything's... gone blurry."
Team-mate with low HP "No, don't give up."
"Hang in there. Just a little longer."
Being helped Generic "You're a star."
"Thank you."
Confuse "Where... am I?"
Defeated "Shulk... I'm sorry."
"I can't... take... anymore."
Retreat "Let's get out of here."


Condition Quote
Generic "There's nothing around here that can beat us."
"Should be okay if we fight like this."
"Yay! We win.
"Right. Let's keep going"
"Let's press on, and on and ON!"
"No problem at all."
"I feel like we can beat anything"
"Uff... and we're okay."
"All done. *Yawns* So tired."
"We definitely got stronger."
"One hit kill... or something *laughs*
Team barely survives a battle "Uff... we almost didn't make it."
"I thought it would be much easier."
"And we have to patch ourselves up."
Shulk, Reyn and Fiora Reyn - Man, am I good or am I good
Shulk - *Laughs* That is so you, Reyn.
Fiora - *Giggles* You two never change.
Shulk, Sharla and Fiora Shulk - Fiora, are you hurt?
Fiora - Shulk, tell me you're okay.
Sharla - Uh... I'm here too, you know?
Shulk & Fiora - Sorry, Sharla.
Sharla - *Laugh* I'm just teasing.
Shulk, Dunban and Fiora Dunban - Fiora, how are you doing?
Fiora - I'm fine, Dunban. But thanks for asking.
Shulk - I wish I had a brother or sister. You guys look like a real family.
Fiora - Well... you're basically like our baby brother.
Shulk - What!? Baby brother!?
Fiora - *Laughs* Be careful what you wish for.
Shulk, Melia and Fiora Shulk - Wow, when did you two get so tough?
Fiora - What? Just because we're girls we're supposed to be wimps? How rude!
Melia - Quite. I'm afraid you have much to learn about the fairer sex, Shulk.
Shulk - *Groan* Why do I get the feeling that mastering the Monado is going to be easier?
Fiora - *Laughs*
Melia - *Laughs*
Shulk, Riki and Fiora Riki - Riki try really hard.
Fiora - I was watching the whole time.
Riki - Wha..? No way. You watching Riki?
Shulk - I saw him slacking off a bit.
Riki - *Guilty laugh* You wrong. Riki try really hard.
Shulk & Fiora - *Laughs*
Reyn, Sharla and Fiora Reyn - That was a superb moral victory, ladies.
Sharla - *Laughs* Reyn, you bash, we talk.
Fiora - Moral? We're still standing, aren't we?
Reyn, Dunban and Fiora Dunban - Fiora, are you okay?
Fiora - Yeah, I'm doing okay.
Reyn - I'm doing good 'n' all, Dunban.
Dunban - I don't remember asking about you.
Reyn - Oh wait. I got a sudden pain in the neck
Fiora - Okay. Enough messing around. Let's move on.
Reyn, Melia and Fiora Reyn - Is everyone all right?
Fiora - Reyn, you're asking if we're all right? But... do you feel okay?
Melia - Indeed. We ought to build a monument to mark such a rare occurrence
Reyn - Charming. I don't know why I bother.
Reyn, Riki and Fiora Riki - Fiora, good job. Well done.
Fiora - *Giggles* Thanks. Good job to you too, Riki.
Reyn - Hey, aren't we forgetting someone?
Riki - Reyn is smelly Orluga. No good job for you.
Reyn - When I get my hands on you I'm gonna... oh, forget it.
Fiora - *Sighs* Like little kids.
Sharla, Dunban and Fiora Dunban - Fiora, don't push yourself too hard.
Fiora - Thanks, Dunban. You too.
Sharla - Family is so important. I wonder how Juju's doing.
Sharla, Melia and Fiora No dialogue found.
Sharla, Riki and Fiora No dialogue found.
Dunban, Melia and Fiora Melia - Fighting besides Homs and Mechon. I never imagined this day would come.
Dunban - And as one, we will always be victorious!
Fiora - I fight with pride and all my strength.
Dunban, Riki and Fiora Riki - Do friends think Riki is good Heropon?
Dunban - You're doing a magnificent job as Hero.
Riki - Really?! Oh, Riki so happy!
Fiora - *Laughs* Good for you, Riki.
Melia, Riki and Fiora Melia - How can you be so small and have so much energy, Riki?
Riki - Melly and Fiora, have no scary! For mighty Heropon here!
Fiora - Oh, my hero!