Cave Skeeter

The Cave Skeeter is a Flying Enemy in Tephra Cave

Flying Enemies are enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles that spend their time in the air. This includes both winged creatures such as Ansels and wingless creatures such as Seluas and Nebulae.

Name Level Family Location
Ancient Machine (left) [B] 8 Andos Colony 9 (Cylinder Hangar)
Ancient Machine (right) [B] 8 Andos Colony 9 (Cylinder Hangar)
Azul Andos 35 Andos High Entia Tomb
Flavel Andos 34 Andos Eryth Sea (Hovering Reef 1, 3, 6, 8)
Nero Andos 32 Andos High Entia Tomb
Reckless Galdon [U] 95 Andos Tephra Cave (Hidden Warehouse)
Agile Albatro [U] 33 Ansel Makna Forest (Bridge Three)
Atomis Ansel 45 Ansel Valak Mountain
Atomizek Ansel 46 Ansel Valak Mountain
Eryth Ansel 36 Ansel Eryth Sea (Hovering Reef 4, Hovering Reef 9)
Makna Ansel 32 - 34 Ansel Makna Forest (Great Makna Falls, Eks Watering Hole, Clear Waterfall)
Satorl Guardian [B] 28 Ansel Satorl Marsh (Sororal Statues)
Corladio Apis 42 Apis Valak Mountain (Apis Lair)
Crista Apis 42 Apis Valak Mountain (Apis Lair)
Hasal Apis 30 Apis Makna Forest
Klanis Apis 28 Apis Makna Forest
Latio Apis 41 Apis Valak Mountain (Apis Lair)
Marmor Apis 40 Apis Makna Forest
Petra Apis 27 Apis Makna Forest (Bridge Three)
Calm Anzabi [U] 38 Astas High Entia Tomb (Second Treasury)
Hover Astas 36 Astas High Entia Tomb
Hover Astas [S] 33 Astas High Entia Tomb
Avalanche Abaasy [U] 120 Dragon Valak Mountain (Three Sage Summit)
Demon King Dragonia [Q] 99 Dragon Colony 6 (Hope Farm)
Dragon King Alcar [B] 79 Dragon Prison Island (Corridor of Silence)
Gimran Egel 75 Egel Prison Island (Gravina Bridge)
Ciconia Ekidno 38 - 40 Ekidno Eryth Sea (Hovering Reef 10)
Confusion Ekidno [U] 37 Ekidno Eryth Sea (Ether Plant)
Cumulus Danaemos [U] 41 Ekidno Eryth Sea (Khatorl Seal Island)
Decay Ekidno [U] 39 - 41 Ekidno Eryth Sea (Syrath Lighthouse)
Pelargos Ekidno [U] 40 Ekidno Eryth Sea (Khatorl Seal Island)
Atmos Flier 25 Flier Colony 6
Clima Flier 17 Flier Colony 6
Clowd Flier 14 Flier Bionis' Leg (Windy Cave, Viliera Hill)
Colony Flier 16 Flier Colony 6
Fine Flier 12 Flier Bionis' Leg (Gaur Plain)
Happiness Flier 52 - 54 Flier Fallen Arm (Giant Mechon Debris)
Weather Flier 10 Flier Tephra Cave (Kneecap Hill)
Abominable Hiln [Q] 34 Hiln Eryth Sea
Eryth Hiln 33 Hiln Eryth Sea (Latael Shore, Secluded Island, Anu Shore)
Turbulent Belmo [U] 36 Hiln Eryth Sea (Hovering Reef 1)
Chloro Laia 34 Laia Eryth Sea (Hovering Reef 4)
Eques Skyray 41 Laia Prison Island
Lophos Moramora 44 Laia Valak Mountain
Masterful Gigapur [U] 77 Laia Prison Island (Travalga Bridge)
Monta Moramora 43 Laia Valak Mountain
Skyray [B] 40 Laia Eryth Sea
Tempestuous Edegia [U] 39 Laia Eryth Sea (Hovering Reef 10)
Clamorous Dablon [U] 92 Lexos Eryth Sea (Sleeping Dragon Isle)
Conflagrant Raxeal [U] 45 Lexos Valak Mountain (Lava Cave)
Exposure Wolfol [U] 97 Lexos Valak Mountain (Lava Cave)
Kyel Lexos 70 - 72 Lexos Colony 6 (Freight Road)
North Star Gusion [U] 50 Lexos Valak Mountain (Url Crevasse)
Racti Lexos 39 Lexos Eryth Sea (Hovering Reef 9, Beneath Hovering Reef 5, Soltnar Seal Island)
Sesna Lexos 47 Lexos Valak Mountain (Bagnar Snowfield)
Sestago Lexos 47 Lexos Valak Mountain
Unreliable Rezno [U] 96 Lexos Makna Forest (Great Makna Falls)
Apocrypha Generator [B] 70 Mechon Mechonis Core
Balanced Palamedes [U] 62 Mechon Central Factory
Crisis Response Unit [Q] 60 Mechon Central Factory
Defensive Guard Unit 1 53 Mechon Galahad Fortress
Defensive Guard Unit 2 53 Mechon Galahad Fortress
Defensive/GUARD 60 Mechon Central Factory
Defensive/ONION 56 Mechon Mechonis Field
Defensive/SHAME 65 Mechon Agniratha
Infernal Crocell [U] 58 Mechon Mechonis Field
Kamikaze Bune [U] 53 Mechon Sword Valley
M32 Scout Unit 15 Mechon Bionis' Leg
M32 Transport Unit 21 Mechon Ether Mine
M34 Honey Bee Unit 46 Mechon Sword Valley
M34 Hornet Unit 51 Mechon Galahad Fortress
M35 Wasp Unit 48 - 50 Mechon Galahad Fortress
M35 Woodpecker Unit 48 Mechon Sword Valley
M36/FAIRY 61 Mechon Central Factory
M36/ROBIN [S] 64 Mechon Agniratha
M36/SACRE 64 Mechon Agniratha (Helas Pillar)
M37 Worker Bee Unit 55 Mechon Fallen Arm
M37/COBRA [S] 64 Mechon Agniratha
M37/EAGER 62 Mechon Agniratha
M37/WITCH 55 Mechon Mechonis Field
M37/ZEBRA 34 Mechon Mechonis Field
M38/ESSAY 57 Mechon Central Factory
Mechon M31 [S] 5 Mechon Colony 9
Mechon M32 15 Mechon Bionis' Leg
Mechon M32X 20 Mechon Ether Mine
Meditative Varla [U] 65 Mechon Agniratha (Telethia Bridge)
Offensive Hover Unit [S] 72 Mechon Fallen Arm (Digit 4)
Offensive Mechon Plus 49 Mechon Sword Valley
Offensive Scout Unit 54 Mechon Galahad Fortress
Offensive Security Unit 56 Mechon Fallen Arm
Offensive Seeker Unit 53 - 56 Mechon Fallen Arm
Offensive Strike Unit [S] 72 Mechon Fallen Arm (Black Wreckage)
Offensive/BRAVE 64 Mechon Agniratha
Offensive/DIARY 60 - 62 Mechon Central Factory
Offensive/FOUND 59 Mechon Central Factory
Offensive/HONEY 56 Mechon Mechonis Field
Offensive/MOTOR 68 Mechon Mechonis Core
Soothed Aglovale [U] 65 Mechon Agniratha (Legislative District)
Synchronised Gaheris [U] 61 Mechon Central Factory
Vagabond Allocer [U] 63 Mechon Agniratha
Ageless Moabit [U] 75 Nebula Prison Island
Aqua Nebula 17 Nebula Bionis' Leg
Aqua Nebula 24 Nebula Satorl Marsh
Bagrus Nebula 96 Nebula Makna Forest
Bono Nebula 35 Nebula Eryth Sea
Bulganon Nebula 85 Nebula Eryth Sea
Buono Nebula 33 Nebula Eryth Sea (Latael Shore, Anu Shore)
Caris Nebula 36 Nebula Makna Forest (Bridge Two, Bridge Three)
Cratere Nebula 77 Nebula Prison Island (Kitchen)
Emeraude Nebula 40 Nebula Prison Island
Fiume Nebula 74 Nebula Prison Island (Central Hall)
Flabbergasted Jerome [U] 38 Nebula Eryth Sea (Below Hovering Reef 5)
Frost Nebula 80 Nebula Satorl Marsh (Sororal Statues)
Graceful Holand [U] 19 Nebula Colony 6 (Splintered Path)
Gracile Nebula 76 Nebula Prison Island
Grom Nebula 20 Nebula Colony 6
Inferno Heinrich [U] 76 Nebula Prison Island (Kitchen)
Moonlight Paimon [U] 46 Nebula Valak Mountain (Lava Cave)
Primo Nova [S] 72 Nebula Bionis' Interior
Quarto Nova [S] 72 Nebula Bionis' Interior
Quinto Nova [S] 72 Nebula Bionis' Interior
Randa Nebula 74 Nebula Prison Island (Bridge of Grief)
Reef Nebula 43 Nebula Valak Mountain
Saldox Nebula 40 Nebula Prison Island
Secondo Nova [S] 72 Nebula Bionis' Interior
Solare Nebula 77 Nebula Prison Island (Corridor of Silence)
Ucan Nebula 45 Nebula Valak Mountain
Uragano Nebula 76 Nebula Prison Island
Vague Barbas [U] 46 Nebula Valak Mountain (Nagul Waterfall)
Venaes Nebula 34 Nebula Makna Forest (Eks Watering Hole)
Wind Nebula 26 Nebula Satorl Marsh
Frenzied Bana [U] 78 Pterix Frontier Village (Apex Lake)
Illustrious Golteus [U] 98 Pterix Makna Forest (Precipice Bridge)
Korlba Pterix 97 Pterix Makna Forest
Lelepago Pterix 55 Pterix Fallen Arm (Digit 2 Plain, Giant Mechon Debris)
Radiant Pterix [U] 86 Pterix Satorl Marsh (Sororal Statues)
Wicked Sallos [U] 95 Pterix Fallen Arm (Distant Fingertip)
Coppice Quadwing 23 - 24 Quadwing Satorl Marsh
Elder Gragus [U] 34 Quadwing Makna Forest (Nopon Arch)
Grove Quadwing 81 - 82 Quadwing Satorl Marsh (Barren Moor)
Jungle Quadwing 29 Quadwing Makna Forest (Waypoint Beacon)
Rhoen Quadwing 92 Quadwing Tephra Cave (Bone Corridor)
Stormy Widardun [U] 25 Quadwing Satorl Marsh (Zaldania Waterfall)
Ancient Rhogulia [U] 63 - 64 Rhogul Colony 6 (Splintered Path)
Canyon Valencia [U] 78 Rhogul Bionis' Leg (Observation Platform)
Last Rhogul 76 Rhogul Bionis' Leg
Mist Rhogul 25 Rhogul Satorl Marsh (Nopon Refuge, Altar of Fate, Statue Summit)
Satorl Rhogul 84 Rhogul Satorl Marsh
Sky Rhogul 18 Rhogul Colony 6
Sunlight Schvaik [U] 30 Rhogul Satorl Marsh (Barren Moor)
Jelly Selua 72 - 73 Selua Bionis' Interior
Mystical Klesida [U] 72 Selua Bionis' Interior (Third Lung)
Victorious Gross [U] 73 Selua Bionis' Interior (Pars Sympathica Tower)
Wool Selua 73 Selua Bionis' Interior
Cave Skeeter 10 Skeeter Tephra Cave (Vilia Lake)
Chordy Skeeter 34 Skeeter Colony 9 (Agora Shore)
Leg Skeeter 10 Skeeter Bionis' Leg (Gaur Plain)
Light Skeeter 7 Skeeter Colony 9 (Anti-Air Battery 1)
Little Skeeter 1 - 3 Skeeter Colony 9
Medium Skeeter 8 Skeeter Tephra Cave
Prom Skeeter 5 Skeeter Tephra Cave
Hidden Gamigin [U] 49 Taos Valak Mountain (Ignia Hill)
Snowal Taos 48 Taos Valak Mountain
Snowi Taos 47 Taos Valak Mountain
Dark King Barbarus [U] 77 Telethia Bionis' Interior (Second Lung)
Deadly Medorlo [U] 93 Telethia Eryth Sea (Central Seal Island)
Disciple Lorithia [B] 75 Telethia Bionis' Interior
Furious Jozan [U] 96 Telethia High Entia Tomb (Telethia Laboratory)
Sani Telethia [B] 72 Telethia Colony 6
Sero Telethia [S] 69 Telethia Colony 6
Solidum Telethia [B] 38 Telethia High Entia Tomb
Sureny Telethia [B] 70 Telethia Junks
Aora Telethia 88 Telethia Alcamoth
Asara Telethia (Alcamoth) 89 - 92 Telethia Eryth Sea (Alcamoth)
Telethia Donnis [Q] 91 Telethia Alcamoth (Audience Chamber)
Drakos Telethia 74 Telethia Bionis' Interior
Telethia Kaelin [Q] 88 Telethia Alcamoth (Sky Terrace)
Licorne Telethia 73 Telethia Bionis' Interior (Second Lung)
Polkan Telethia 69 Telethia Colony 6
Telethia Vol'aren [Q] 90 Telethia Alcamoth
Vivid Anstan [U] 75 Telethia Bionis' Interior (Third Lung)
Dark Murakmor [U] 18 Tokilos Colony 9 (Anti-Air Battery 3)
Leg Tokilos 79 Tokilos Bionis' Leg (Zax Guidepost)
Protective Torquidon [U] 96 Tokilos Tephra Cave (Heavenly Window)
Air Vang 6 Vang Tephra Cave
Brablam Vang 88 - 92 Vang Tephra Cave
Buio Vang 40 - 42 Vang Makna Forest
Dark Kisling [U] 20 Vang Ether Mine
Drunk Vang 18 - 20 Vang Ether Mine
Fierce Vang 14 Vang Bionis' Leg (Kisk Cave)
Gust Vang 15 Vang Bionis' Leg
Little Vang 4 Vang Colony 9
Musical Vanflare [U] 93 Vang Tephra Cave (Bone Corridor)
Satorl Vang 21 Vang Satorl Marsh
Shadeless Matrix [U] 44 Vang Colony 9 (Cliff Lake)
Shadow Vang 35 Vang Colony 9 (Anu Shore)
Sierra Vang 42 Vang Valak Mountain
Storm Vang 26 - 27 Vang Satorl Marsh (Basin Cave)
Tempest Vang 75 Vang Bionis' Leg (Windy Cave)
Teneb Vang 32 Vang Makna Forest (Hode Lair, Divine Sanctuary)
Wind Vang 9 Vang Tephra Cave
Bright Wisp [Q] 53 Wisp Fallen Arm (Digit 3)
Bunker Wisp 26 Wisp Colony 6 (Pod Depot, Hope Farm)
Colony Wisp 18 Wisp Colony 6
Dim Wisp [Q] 24 Wisp Tephra Cave (Kneecap Hill)
Femuny Wisp 90 Wisp Tephra Cave (Forgotten Cave)
Flash Wisp 14 Wisp Bionis' Leg
Light Wisp 13 Wisp Bionis' Leg (Gaur Plain)
Night Cardamon [U] 18 Wisp Bionis' Leg
Night Wisp 10 - 12 - 15 Wisp Tephra Cave (Kneecap Hill)
Tramont Wisp 53 - 55 Wisp Fallen Arm

[B] = Boss
[U] = Unique Monster
[Q] = Quest Exclusive Enemy
[S] = Story Exclusive Enemy

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