Forfexes (Japanese: パグルス, Pagurusu) are crab-like creatures in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are a common sight along Mira's coastlines and waterways, and can be found in Primordia, Noctilum, Oblivia, and Sylvalum.


"Crab-like creatures mostly found near the coast. Their shells are hard enough to deflect small-arms fire, while their offensive tools include pincers capable of shredding Skell armor, a well as the ability to fire ether bubbles from their mouths."

"During breeding season, females keep their fertilized eggs tucked beneath their stomachs. When the eggs finally hatch, the newborns are released into the sea under the light of the new moon. It's not unusual to see all the female forfexes of an area giving birth at once, turning entire beaches into a roiling mass of shells, legs, and claws."

Color Variants

Forfexes fall into three color variants:

Types of Forfexes

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies



  • The name may come from the Latin word "Forfex", meaning a pair of shears, in particular those of the crustaceans.
  • The Japanese name may come from the Latin pagūrus, meaning crab, as well as Pagurus, a genus of hermit crabs.

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