The Forgotten Mining Frigates are a Scenic Viewpoint in Xenoblade Chronicles X. This fleet consists of the twelve abandoned frigates in the air above Cauldros, and can be reached by flight or through several teleporters in the area; each teleporter corresponds to the frigate directly above. The FN Site 510 is located on the frigate to the north-eastern coast of Cauldros. As with all Scenic Viewpoints, discovery of the frigates yields an achievement (Recalling the Forgotten Mining Frigates).

The frigates are not all connected to one another, but most have a series of briges between them that can be traversed by foot or Skell. They must be visited during A Present for Hope, and Popote can be found here during route B of Sparking a Smile.


  • Note: This list includes all airbourne enemies above Cauldros, as the frigates are the area closest to them.

Minor Enemies

Mission-exclusive Enemies



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