Forza Mayxes are Medium Wear torso armor in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are manufactured by Orphean Technologies and are a part of the Forza armor range.



Enemy Drops


Enemy Level Area
Bohdan, the Mistral37Primordia
Eutropio, the Sea Rumble45Primordia
Reaver Auravis36-39Primordia
Sky Auravis45Primordia
Welkin Levitath43-46Primordia
Scarlet Levitath44-45Noctilum
Blast Auravis38-40Oblivia
Cataract Levitath45Oblivia


Enemy Level Area
Eutropio, the Sea Rumble45Primordia
Sky Auravis45-46Primordia
Welkin Levitath43-49Primordia
Frajeel, the Purgatorial50Noctilum
Scarlet Levitath44-50Noctilum
Cataract Levitath45-50Oblivia
Silvestre, the Morning Light48Oblivia
Typhoon Auravis47-50Oblivia

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