Forza Nyx are Medium Wear leg armor in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are manufactured by Orphean Technologies and are part of the Forza armor range.



Enemy Drops


This armor is dropped commonly by level 41-45 enemies and rarely by level 36-40 enemies.

Enemy Level Area
Bohdan, the Mistral37Primordia
Eutropio, the Sea Rumble45Primordia
Reaver Auravis36-39Primordia
Sky Auravis45Primordia
Welkin Levitath43-46Primordia
Scarlet Levitath44-45Noctilum
Blast Auravis38-40Oblivia
Cataract Levitath45Oblivia


This armor is dropped commonly by level 46-50 enemies and rarely by level 41-45 enemies.

Enemy Level Area
Eutropio, the Sea Rumble45Primordia
Sky Auravis45-46Primordia
Welkin Levitath43-49Primordia
Frajeel, the Purgatorial50Noctilum
Scarlet Levitath44-50Noctilum
Cataract Levitath45-50Oblivia
Silvestre, the Morning Light48Oblivia
Typhoon Auravis47-50Oblivia

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