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Frontier Village Armour Shop
Frontier Village Armour Shop
Frontier Village Armour Shop
Type Shop
Located Frontier Village
Music Frontier Village, Frontier Village (Night)

The Frontier Village Armour Shop is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It consists of a merchant located in the west Central Plaza of Frontier Village.


Item Slot Price
Makna Cap Yes 3,840 G
Nopol Gear No 6,400 G
Journey Diadem Unique 7,800 G
Forest Cap Unique 13,500 G


Item Slot Price
Iron Armour No 7,000 G
Makna Top No 7,100 G
Blessed Brigandine Unique 8,730 G
Twin Tree Vest Yes 9,600 G


Item Slot Price
Makna Gloves Yes 3,120 G
Nopol Gauntlets No 5,100 G
Empress Arms Unique 9,600 G
Great Tree Bracelet Unique 9,900 G


Item Slot Price
Iron Leggings No 5,650 G
Makna Bottoms Yes 6,720 G
Light Leggings Unique 6,980 G
Twin Tree Trousers Yes 9,840 G


Item Slot Price
Makna Shoes Yes 4,620 G
Nopol Boots No 7,650 G
School Shoes Unique 12,000 G
Empress Greaves Unique 14,400 G

Arts Manuals

Item Price
Bitey Bitey 6,400 G
Happy Happy 7,200 G
Sneaky 7,900 G
Play Dead 8,200 G
Lurgy 8,600 G
Roly Poly 9,000 G
Hero Time 9,300 G
Behave 10,000 G
You Can Do It 10,000 G
Freezinate 11,100 G


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