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Frontier Village Weapon Shop
Weapon Shop (Frontier Village)
Frontier Village Weapon Shop
Type Shop
Located Frontier Village
Music Frontier Village, Frontier Village (Night)

The Frontier Village Weapon Shop is a shop in Xenoblade Chronicles. It consists of a female Nopon merchant located in the southwestern portion of Kyn Shopping Street, in Frontier Village.


Item Slot Price
Gladiator Biter No 8,700 G
Rain Staff No 9,000 G
Heavy Driver No 9,200 G
Wrecking Nibbler Yes (1) 9,960 G
Northern Pike No 10,000 G
Alpine Spear Yes (1) 11,160 G
Wind Shot No 12,000 G
Frigus Striker No 12,500 G
Nopon Cannon Yes (1) 12,600 G
Lightning Unique 19,500 G
Asura Unique 23,400 G
Super Cruiser Unique 24,000 G

Arts Manuals

Item Price
Heat Bullet 9,000 G
Shaker Edge 10,000 G
Covert Stance 10,400 G
Head Shaker 10,800 G
Battle Soul 11,500 G
Aura Bullet 11,500 G
Serene Heart 11,500 G
Tempest Kick 11,800 G
Heat Haze 12,600 G
Dive Sobat 12.900 G
Magnum Charge 14,400 G

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