For the story exclusive enemy, see Galdr (story).
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Galdr (Japanese: ガルドラ, Garudora) are a type of Ganglion Skells in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can transform between a humanoid state and a bird-like cruise state. Galdr can be found inactive in cruise mode, but some are just dormant and will attack if approached. They can be found in all five regions, but are most common in Ganglion-controlled regions like Sylvalum and Cauldros.


"Manned, air-based units with transformative capabilities. Though colossal in size, these Skells can achieve incredibly high speeds while in cruise mode. While mobility is sacrificed when shifting to Skell mode, the boost in firepower more than makes up for it, as it permits deployment of four primary weapons--the piercing beam, tornado claw, titan missile, and creed revolver. Though each of these armaments differ conceptually, their shared modular nature make the Galdr series a highly versatile one."

Color Variants

Galdr come in four weapon types and five colors, one per weapon, for a total of eight variations. The non-black Galdr Tyrants all drop unique materials; the rest drop O.X. Units instead.

  • Black Galdr are the standard version, and can drop O.X. Units. They wield all different weapons:
    • Black Galdr wielding the piercing beam weapon.
    • Black Galdr wielding the tornado claw weapon.
    • Black Galdr wielding the titan missile weapon.
    • Black Galdr wielding the creed revolver weapon.
  • Red Galdr wield the piercing beam weapon. Tyrants can drop R.B. Units.
  • Gold Galdr wield the tornado claw weapon. Tyrants can drop T.P. Units.
  • Blue Galdr wield the titan missile weapon. Tyrants can drop S.P. Units.
  • Green Galdr wield the creed revolver weapon. All green Galdr can drop E.M. Units.

List of Galdr Enemies

Normal Minor Enemies

Mission Exclusive Enemies

Story Exclusive Enemies



Galdr may refer to Galdr, a term from Old Norse and probably derived from Old Germanic galan meaning "to crow", a magic form of runes incantation in the Norse Shamanism.