Gather Information is a Surprise Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is automatically triggered in Satorl Marsh during the course of Adviser Hunt, received from Gadada in Frontier Village.


  • "Interrogate Zazadan who is in the Nopon Refuge of Satorl Marsh."
    • Choose "What happens if it's processed?"
  • "Continue your interrogation of Zazadan."
    • Choose "We don't blame you."
  • "Force a confession out of Zazadan."
    • Choose "Ask where Dedeba is."


"You might find Dedeba with the note Zazadan left behind. Ask Gadada to read it for you."


  • Once this quest has been accepted, Dedeba will have definitively left Frontier Village.
  • Once Gather Information has been completed, Zazadan will definitively disappear, and it will be impossible to meet him again until the end of the game.

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