The Gem Man's Stall (Japanese: ジェム爺の露天商, Jemu-jii no rotenshō) is a landmark in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is located in the Commercial District of Colony 9, just north of the Ether Light.

The Gem Man is found here. Next to him is a Gem Crafting Machine. For the first part of the game, this is the only place gems can be crafted.

Later on, a quest can be received from him, in which an Ultra Small Reactor must be obtained. It can only be found by upgrading all the levels to level 1 in the reconstruction of Colony 6. Once he is given the reactor, he will give the party the Mobile Furnace, which allows gems to be crafted at any time.







Key Items


These minor enemies are only found during the Mechon attack on Colony 9.

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