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"You need to get a Secret Club Card so you can get in. This is the perfect chance - they don't know you're on to them yet! Quickly, find someone who has a card!"
Giver Unique Comments Location Time
Surprise Quest None Alcamoth Automatic
Prerequisites: Alcamoth area reached, Destroying the City Trade accepted
  1. "Find Nelo who has a Secret Club Card."
  2. "Collect 3 Rufus Control Units from Orluga Rufus in the High Entia Tomb."
  3. "Give the Rufus Control Devices to Nelo."
Rewards: None
Results: "You got the membership card to get into the Secret Club! There is no time to lose!"

Timedquest This quest will expire after the events at the Mechonis Core.

Getting a Member's Card is a Timed Surprise Quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is automatically triggered in Alcamoth during the course of Destroying the City Trade, that is received from Gadada in Frontier Village.


  • If the party enters the Secret Club without the Club Card, they will be kicked out by the High Entia bouncer.
  • After the completion of this quest, since Dedeba has been arrested, it will be impossible to meet him again until the end of the game.

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