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Timedquest Destroying the City Trade
"We have all evidence we need! Now time to make Dedeba pay! Gadada want revenge!"
Vital statistics
Start Gadada
Location Frontier Village
(Pollen Works)
Rewards 15000 G
8000 EXP
Agility Up III
Recovery Up IV
Quest ID 291
Previous Next
Evidence Collection Bana the Betrayer

Timedquest This quest will expire after the events at the Mechonis Core.

Destroying the City Trade is a timed quest in Xenoblade Chronicles. It is received from Gadada after completing Evidence Collection. If Reyn is in your active party he will comment. The Getting a Member's Card surprise quest is automatically received during the course of Destroying the City Trade.

Objectives Edit

  1. "Look for the location of the Secret Club in Alcamoth." Found on 1F, Northwest of Melfica Road, only at night. It is located on the far outer rim of 1F in one of the covered circles off the path.
  2. "Find a Secret Club Card." Complete Getting a Member's Card.
  3. "Enter the Secret Club."
  4. "Show Dedeba the evidence."
  5. "Go see Gadada."

Quest Completion Edit

"Dedeba has been arrested. I all happy now. At least it has all come to an end!"

Getting a Member's Card Edit

"You need to get a Secret Club Card so you can get in. This is the perfect chance - they don't know you're on to them yet! Quickly, find someone who has a card!"

  1. "Find Nelo who has a Secret Club Card."
  2. "Collect 3 Rufus Control Units from Orluga Rufus in the High Entia Tomb."
  3. "Give the Rufus Control Devices to Nelo."
  4. Quest Complete. "You got the membership card to get into the Secret Club! There is no time to lose!"


If the party enters the Secret Club without the Club Card, they will be kicked out by the High Entia bouncer.

After the completion of this quest, since Dedeba has been arrested, it will be therefore impossible to meet him again until the end of the game.

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