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Gogol Horn
Rare Material
A flute made from this regal horn has the power to tame monsters.
Vital statistics
Type Material (rare)
Source Gogols
Sell Price 7,560 G

Gogol Horns are rare materials in Xenoblade Chronicles. They can be dropped by any Gogol except the Dogmatic Gogol, but are not available for trade. Three are needed for both A Token of Friendship and the reconstruction of Colony 6.

Needed for


Colony 6 reconstruction

Enemy Drops

Enemy Area Rate
Satisfied GogolTephra Cave100 %
Immovable GonzalezBionis' Leg85 %
Territorial RotbartBionis' Leg83 %
Indomitable DaultonSatorl Marsh75 %
Erratic GolianteTephra Cave71 %
Reckless ZandenTephra Cave69 %
Envy GogolBionis' Leg58.8 %
Gluttony GogolBionis' Leg58.8 %
Greed GogolBionis' Leg58.8 %
Sloth GogolBionis' Leg58.8 %
Baelfael GogolSatorl Marsh32.3 %
Baelzeb GogolSatorl Marsh32.3 %
Sonicia GogolTephra Cave32.3 %

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