Grex Wisdom Teeth are common materials in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They can be obtained from Grexes, or for 34 Reward Tickets at the Network Console in the BLADE Barracks. They are one of the required components of Resistance Reducer augments.


Enemy Level Area
Young Grex 1-10 Primordia
Bush Grex 11-20 Primordia
Giant Grex 21-30 Primordia
Lawless Grex 31-40 Primordia
Dieter, the Epicure 39 Primordia
Soldier Grex 11-20 Oblivia
Hunter Grex 21-30 Oblivia
Scourer Grex 31-40 Oblivia
Celedonio, the Battle-Tested 18 Oblivia

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