Gularth are Humanoid enemies in Xenoblade Chronicles X. They are bipedal titans made of rock and lava. They exclusively dwell in Cauldros. They are similar to Sylooth.


"Giant, two-legged beasts that thrive in volcanic areas. Their heat tolerance is such that they can wade in lava without issue, even going so far as to incorporate the molten rock into their bodies for strength. Though lava is usually the only energe source they require, Gularth have been known to prey on animals, dragging them into their fiery domain before consuming the flaming bodies.

Extremely territorial in nature, Gularth will attack trespassers without a second thought. Clashes between fellow Gularth are also common, but usually take place over prolonged periods of time--making them easy to spot and avoid."

Types of Gularth

Minor Enemies



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