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"From "political aide" to "director general" in two weeks...At this rate, he'll be "emperor" by next month."
— Gwin

Gwin Evans (Japanese: グイン, Guin; English dub: /ˈɡwɪn ˈɛv.ənz/) is one of the eight main playable characters of Xenoblade Chronicles X. He is an Interceptor in BLADE, and was Elma and Irina's subordinate in the Unified Government Forces Special Vehicle Guidance Squad. He joined BLADE to honor his late friend Leon, and for his desire to protect Irina. Gwin is recruitable after Chapter 3.


Gwin is a human with light brown hair and blue eyes. He has a partial bang that covers the left side of his forehead, while his hair spikes upward on the other side. He is approximately 171 cm tall.


Gwin has an honest personality, and a strong sense of justice. He possesses a youthful desire to do his best and constantly wants to become stronger, attributes which make him charming. He has a rather relaxed way of speaking as well, and is much more laid-back when compared to his superiors. It is also implied that he is attracted to Irina, and wishes to protect her.

At the end of the Affinity Mission Boot Camp, Gwin reveals that he was close friends with Leon, Irina's younger brother, who unfortunately was not among those selected to board the White Whale. He says that he joined BLADE in the hopes of someday becoming as strong as he was, and is inspired during the mission to change his goal to surpass him instead.



When not in the party, Gwin can be found as an NPC on Division Drive in the Administrative District of New Los Angeles.


Gwin can be recruited after Chapter 3.

In battle

Gwin's Class is Samurai Gunner. He wields a Longsword and an Assault Rifle. His two Signature Arts are Ultraslash (Longsword) and Grenade Blitz (Assault Rifle). His class progression is as follows:

Class Rank Arts Skills
1 Rising Blade
Furious Blast
2 Power Dive
3 Defensive Stance
4 Magnum Edge
5 Ultraslash
6 Burst Grenade
7 Offensive Stance Unwavering Courage
8 Decoy Round
9 Tornado Blade Flame Trigger
10 Medic Free
11 Flash Grenade Mighty Muscle
12 Incendiary Edge
13 Grenade Blitz Auto Melee Boost
14 Gunforce
15 Takedown Shot Healing Aura
16 Weapon Guard
17 Theroid Slayer
18 Conflagrant Edge


Affinity Name Location When Reqs
Conquering Fear Hangar Afternoon
♥♥ Promises Made Sports Complex Late night
♥♥♥ Dreamweavers Water Purification Plant Late night
♥♥♥♥ Canine Conversation Sports Complex Anytime Dog
♥♥♥♥♥ The Matchmaker West Melville St. Evening


Boot Camp
Nine Lives
Chapter 5 Chapter 7 We Were Soldiers Boot Camp

Affinity Links


For the enemy fought during The Gauntlet, see Gwin (The Gauntlet).

During Boot Camp, Gwin asks the party to simulate two battles with him in the Outfitters Test Hangar in order to help him with his training: once at the beginning of the mission and once at the end. He is fought as a Mission Exclusive Secondary Boss at level 40 in the first battle, and level 46 in the second.

During the fourth battle of The Gauntlet, an opponent under the disguise as Gwin is fought at level 56 at the same place. However, the opponent's dialogue prior to the battle implies that he is not really Gwin, and immediately upon defeat, the opponent is revealed to actually be HT665: Erio, having disguised herself as Gwin.



Battle dialogue

Drawing weapon Gwin in lead Gwin in party
Against an enemy "Okay I'm here to serve." "Roger right behind ya."
Against a large enemy "Oh yeah I'm all over this."

"Man, this planet is something else."

"No way, we're fighting that?!"


Against a tyrant "Okay everyone s-stay calm." "You have got to be kidding."
Status effects
Stagger "I'm...getting woozy."
Topple "Ouch! I...meant to do that."
Flinch "Huh?"
Knockback "Whoa, whoa, whoa!"
Launch "Hang ooon!"
Stun "Hey I can't move!"
Sleep [Yawn] "Getting sleepy..."
Control "Huh?! What the heck am I doing?!"
An enemy notices the party "Oh crap looks like they saw us."

"Whoa what have we got here?"

A large Enemy notices the party "I think that big one is looking right at me!"
Very low HP "...So much for keeping everyone safe."
Becoming incapacitated "That wasn't...very smart."
Reviving an ally "Come on, I got you."
Thanking "Thanks!"

"Hey thanks!"

Accumulating 3000 TP "I feel like I could do anything!"
Activating Overdrive (Ground gear) "Lets do this, Overdrive!"
Activating Overdrive (Skell) "Activating Overdrive!"
Overdrive counter hits 50 "We're getting there!"
Overdrive counter hits 100 "Does this count as excessive?"
Entering skell "Intercepting with my skell!"
Exiting skell "This is a ground gear situation."
Skell's fuel runs low "Crap, I'm low on gas."
Skell runs out of fuel "I'm switching to ground gear!"
An enemy joins the battle "Enemy reinforcements, watch it!"
Responding to battle commands "Got it!"

"Roger that!"

Leveling up "Alright I'm getting the hang of it!"
Winning a battle "I guess that's that."

"Target neutralized, returning to standby."
"Whew! Think I had about ten near-death-experiences there."
"Well we got through that by the seat of our pants."
"Mess with the best, die with the rest."
"This place is crawling with danger. Good thing you've got an Interceptor around."
"Oh are we roll playing now I feel like I'm twelve again."

Soul Voices

  • "I'm going in! Use melee attacks!"
  • "All right, let's do this! Close in and nail 'em!"
  • "Ohhh crap! Heal me. Hurry!"
  • "Got 'em! Move in and attack!"
  • "We're making a dent! Finish it with ranged attacks!"
  • "Aura up! Now it's your turn!"
  • "Thanks a lot! Now get back to shooting!"
  • "Not good, NOT good! Can I get some help here?"
  • "I'll pin 'em down. Gimme some cover fire!"
  • "They're tough. I need healing."
  • "Forget about me... Just unload on 'em..."
  • "You see that?! Use melee attacks!"
  • "Nailed it! Break out those guns!"
  • "Overdrive! Who's with me?!"
  • "Oh, uh...thanks. How 'bout a buff?"
  • "I'm running on fumes here. Can I get a re-up?"

Post-battle dialogue

Party member
Male Cross (Heroic) Cross - "Fate dealt us these cards, so we have to play them!"

Gwin - "The ticket to board the White Whale was a better card than Sun got."

Male Cross (Joker) Cross - "Everybody okay? Don't make me haul my butt home solo."

Gwin - "You know it! I can't wait to see everybody in the city again."

Male Cross (Rebel) Cross - "GOD! What is WITH this planet?"

Gwin - "Well, we are the ones crashing the party here."

Male Cross (Rookie) Cross - "Keep moving! We can reflect on our battles later."

Gwin - "Good point. Someone remind me to brag about this later, okay?"

Male Cross (Studious) Cross - "Well... I apologize for losing my cool just then."

Gwin - "Seriously, there's a time and a place for arts like that...what?"

Male Cross (Classic) Cross - "I know we're fighting for humanity, but this all feels so futile."

Gwin - "It's not futile because... Well, I forget why but it's not!"

Male Cross (Warrior) Cross - "Men are like stones, smoothed by the tides of battle."

Gwin - "Lets keep at it then! I need to be strong enough to protect the people I care about."

Female Cross (Heroic) Cross - "Another dawn to dusk work day? Sounds like fun to me!"

Gwin - "I don't know if I'd go that far, I mean we are pretty awesome and all but..."

Female Cross (Joker) Cross - "Meh, I'm BUSHED! Did I do all the work or what?"

Gwin - "Hey, I did my part too... You, weren't looking at all, were you?"

Female Cross (Independent) Cross - "C'mon, there's no time to lose. We've got a mountain of things to do!"

Gwin - "Yea, and that mountain ain't gonna climb itself...or something."

Female Cross (Mature) Cross - "[sigh] These Miran winds are not very compatible with my hair."

Gwin - "Hehe, yea you look like an old broom!... Wait, wait don't kill me!"

Female Cross (Peppy) Cross - "One small step for BLADE, one giant leap for humankind."

Gwin - "Yea, or at least a moderately-sized jump?"

Female Cross (Classic) Cross - "Is it over? I haven't even finished rolling up my sleeves."

Gwin - "It's not over yet. You can finish what you started in the next fight."

Female Cross (Soldier) Cross - "I'm torn; do I master hand-to-hand combat, or focus on ranged attacks?"

Gwin - "I know, it's a tough choice. You should work on both."

Alexa Gwin - "Hey Alexa, can you give me a few more pointers on controlling my skell?"

Alexa - "Sure, I'll show you a trick that'll knock Irina's socks off."

Bozé Gwin - "I've gotta do better. I need to keep the lieutenant safe."

Bozé - "Apply yourself and you will get stronger."

Nagi Gwin - "Damn Mr. Secretary, how did you get so tough?"

Nagi - "You'll have to figure that out yourself Gwin. Best of luck."

Irina Irina - "Good news Gwin! I'm on dinner duty tonight."

Gwin - "Oh, great!... Remind me to drink a lot of water."

Hope Hope - "Gwin, can you spare a minute? I'm having love troubles."

Gwin - "L-love troubles? You sure you want my help?"

Mia Mia - "Gwin, will you buy me some cake if I out-do you in the next fight?"

Gwin - "What? Sure, but I know you're going to win."

Adding-to-party dialogue

Instance Greeting Accept Refuse
Chapter 9 "We barely have any time left on our mimeosomes. We gotta reclaim the Lifehold Core before our mimeosomes burn out and take our lives with 'em, you know? ...Er, so you'll let me help with that, right?" "Oh, thanks! I'll do my best not to get in your way." "Aw, really? Well, if you ever need me, just say the word."


  • "Me too, same division. You can call me "Mr. Evans." ...Or just "Gwin.""
  • "And the award for best ass-kiss goes to..."
  • "Okay, first of all? I'm taller than you! And second, you just ate almost double what I did! Who's the pig here?"
  • "We're all prepped and about to head out, and then BAM—another job comes in from Commander Tanktop. I mean, I know we're the best and all, but seriously..."
  • "Listen, Lieutenant—we're going to find that Lifehold Core. And when we do, Marcus will be the first one back in a brand-new, state-of-the-art mim—I promise."
  • "Thanks guys. No seriously—thanks."
  • "Ark? You in, like, Noah's Ark?"
  • "Hom Hom? The hell is that?"
  • "Wait a second... All this time, you were an alien?"


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