A HP Potion creating when Rex uses Anchor Shot

HP Potions (Japanese: 回復ポット, Kaifuku potto, Recovery Pots) are items and battle mechanics in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. They appear as green phials on the ground during battle. Some Driver Arts, such as Rex's Anchor Shot, or Specials can cause them to drop from enemies they hit. Any ally in battle can pick them up to restore HP to all allies.

HP Potions sizes

HP Potions come in three sizes:

  • A Small HP Potion appears when an enemy is successfully hit by an HP Potion Driver Art. (If the Art hits multiple times, only the first hit matters). There is a 10% chance per level of the Art to drop 2 instead of 1. Some Specials drop HP Potions, and there is an Aux Core that gives Auto Attacks a chance to drop an HP Potion.
  • A Medium HP Potion appears when an enemy is inflicted with Topple or Launch.
  • A Large HP Potion appears when an enemy is inflicted with Smash.

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