Bionis Shoulder 17

The Bionis' Shoulder hacked location

Hacked Locations are areas in Xenoblade Chronicles which are either unused, or used only in cutscenes or battles, and which otherwise can only be accessed by means of hacks or cheat codes.

On the disc of the game is all of the data for every locations, enemy, NPC, etc. Since all cutscenes are rendered in-engine and not pre-rendered, each cutscene takes place in an actual area in the game. There are a few areas that are only seen in cutscenes and cannot be reached by the player; some of them are modified versions of playable areas, and some of them may have been intended to be playable at one point during development before they were relegated to a cutscene. One area is only used as the location for one battle, and two others do not appear to be used in any cutscenes or battles.

There are many ways to access these locations. The most difficult of which involves loading up the table of the map data on the disc, and manually swapping these special locations in for another regular location. This would have to be created as a patched version of the game. Also, it has to be a location that works, as some result in falling to your death before getting a chance to explore.

The second, easiest, and most accessible version involves using the already released cheat by Thomas83Lin on Geckocodes. He has written the code for the location swap for each of these three places, and they are all accessed by quick traveling to the Central Plaza in Colony 9. This can be done by editing and activating the code on the Dolphin emulator, or patching it on the Wii through the USB loader or using a cheat program (Ocarina) to add the code before Gecko loading the game.

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  • The Cutting Room Floor section about Xenoblade. Includes storyboards, models, screenshots, unused item descriptions and other information that has been found on the Xenoblade disc, but is not accessible through normal play.

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